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2 Ideas That Have Made Them Exceptional

Posted on February 23rd, by Henry Goldbeck in Just For Fun, Leadership. Comments Off on 2 Ideas That Have Made Them Exceptional

There are some stories that stick with you forever because they are extraordinary. The most memorable stories are exemplary examples of risk, inspirational creativity and intelligence.

There was a CEO of a national corporation visiting the local Vancouver offices. A bright young candidate desperately wanted to work for this company but was having no luck through normal channels and had tried but was unable to meet with the CEO. He clothed a mannequin in a sharp suit,(I don’t know if he bought, rented or borrowed the mannequin or just had one laying around at home), and left it sitting in the corporate reception area with his resume and cover letter in the front pocket. He received a call from the CEO a couple of hours later and a personal interview was arranged. I can’t remember if he got a job out of it. I also am not sure if that story is true or a myth.

I once interviewed VP Marketing for a prominent restaurant chain based in the Mid West the story of his education has stuck with over the years. His goal had always been to go into business but he was not accepted into the Business Admin program at his local university due to program size limits. His response was to study History and write his honors thesis on the history of the leveraged buyout which got him accepted into a very good MBA program.

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