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Uncovering Personal Motivation Leads to Rural Pharmacy Recruitment Success


GOLDBECK RECRUITING INC., a recruitment and executive search firm in BC, placed a Pharmacy Manager for Lakeside Pharmacy, a Community Pharmacy in Fort St. James, BC.

Ria Inducil, Senior Life Sciences Recruiter at Goldbeck Recruiting states, “I began this search with retention as the end in mind. I had to find a Pharmacy Manager who is going to be in it for the long haul.

The main obstacle in rural pharmacy recruitment was not the salary, on average pharmacists compensation in rural areas are 59% higher than their city counterpart, Ria’s issue was identifying candidate’s personal and professional motivation to relocate to a pharmacy located 1,000 kilometers away from BC’s lower mainland.

To retain workers it is essential to identify pharmacists who would be satisfied living and working in a rural location. Involving rural communities is effective in both the recruitment and retention of professionals.” Ria Inducil.

Russ Johnson, owner of Lakeside Pharmacy cites, “Ria was able to understand our needs and the uniqueness of our remote rural location. It was important to us that we find a management pharmacist who was willing to stay in the area for a substantial amount of time but more importantly someone who would enjoy living in the area with their family.

The search process took about 10 weeks to complete. Candidates went through an onsite job assessment and community visits to gauge whether their professional and personal motivations would be met while working in such a rural location.


About Lakeside Pharmacy
Lakeside Pharmacy is an established pharmacy based in Fort St. James BC, offering a range of both consumer and healthcare products and services.


Shocking Pharmacy Recruitment Statistics: Rural versus City

**Based on Goldbeck Recruiting Inc Pharmacy jobs across western Canada within 2010

  1. Number of pharmacists employment opportunities located in rural vs city
    • Rural = 75%
    • City 25%
  2. Average compensation (Annual Salary + signing bonus). Rural averages have a 59% higher salary than city pharmacists
    • Rural: $175,000- $200,000
    • City: $110,000 – $130,000
  3. Number of job applications received for rural versus city job opportunities (Based on an average of 43 applications per job)
    • Rural: 3%
    • City: 97%
  4. Rural Areas include:
    • Gibson, BC
    • The Pas
    • Fort St. James
    • Fraser Valley

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