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5 Free Web Tools to Help Harness and Execute Your Ideas

Posted on January 9th, by Henry Goldbeck in Company News, Just For Fun, Leadership, Technology. Comments Off on 5 Free Web Tools to Help Harness and Execute Your Ideas

Long gone are the days when the only way to keep track of your ideas was to take a pencil to paper. There are now a plethora of tools on the internet that can help you track, share, and execute all your brilliant ideas. Best of all, many of them are free to use!5-web-tools-article-photo

Whether you need to consolidate, share, or simply keep tabs on your ideas, here are some of our favourite free online tools:

Pinterest – The Sharing tool

What started out as a simple photo sharing website has also become an extremely effective way to market and collect ideas from around the web. Pinterest also offers a free upgrade to their business account, which allows you to track the activity of people sharing and liking your pins.

This is a great tool for those in sales or marketing who want to spread the word about their latest offerings. The key to succeeding with Pinterest is to have a visually pleasing accompanying photo to maximize shares/pins.

Google Drive – The Collaboration Tool

The Drive is essentially a free version online administrative tool that offers several programs similar to Microsoft Office. Every type of medium from word processing, email, slideshows, and spreadsheets are accessible from the drive and can be accessed from any computer.

This is a fantastic tool for sharing ideas with other people or for collaborative projects. Do you have a logistics project where several people need to update the same database? There’s a Google Sheet for that!

Skype – The Communication Tool

Essentially, Skype is a free phone service with options for video conferencing and screen sharing. Skype is a great tool for remote collaboration and those on the call can share their computer screens while talking through projects or concepts.

MindMeister – The Brain Mapping Tool

This is a neat brainstorming tool that is not only free, but very easy to sign up for if you already have a Google account. Ideas, lists, and projects can be mapped using a selection of icons. Once your brain map is complete, there’s a feature that even turns your map into a presentation so you can share it with others!

Trello – The Progress Tracking Tool

Once you have some ideas or projects underway, Trello is a helpful tool for organizing and visualizing your progress, especially if you have a lot on the go at once. You can use the card-like layout to create categories that represent ideas or steps of development. This can be used to create a schedule of sorts so you can keep tabs on your projects and stay on track for meeting deadlines.

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