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5 Mistakes Hiring Managers Make When Hiring Salespeople

Posted on May 27th, by Goldbeck Recruiting in Industry Resources, Person, Recruitment, Sales & Marketing, Vivian Fung. Comments Off on 5 Mistakes Hiring Managers Make When Hiring Salespeople


Hiring the perfect sales person can be a challenging task and it is something that hiring managers often get wrong.  Over the past few years we have seen hiring managers make mistakes that have cost them much more than just money – remember in sales, business relationships is a very important factor that has to be considered when making a hiring decision.

In this post we detail some of the mistakes that Hiring Managers make when looking for their next top sales person.

One Trick Pony

A lot of companies when looking for their next sales person often look for someone who has previous experience with the same or similar product before however, hiring managers must look for the aptitude not the product experience or knowledge. In fact, some of the best hires come from outside the industry and broadening the scope allows for a larger pool of talent to pick from.


Companies often rush to fill a position; this often leads to incomplete and insufficient screening. As a result, business relationships suffer with current clients – which could often be a very costly thing and can even take the business under.


Just like the movie Whiplash, you have to know when you are Rushing (see above) or Dragging. On the flip side of Rushing, companies often wait a long time to find their golden goose, this leads to being vulnerable for too long and lets competitors capitalizing on this opportunity. Business relationship with clients suffers as they are not getting the attention they need and you are not growing your market reach.

Irrelevant Testing

In our many years of recruiting, we have come across various companies that subject sales candidates to irrelevant testing in things like IQ, Math etc – while testing skills are important, employers should keep in mind that EQ > IQ.

Ask the Right Questions

This is by far one of the most important factors when hiring someone whether in sales or engineering. It is recommended to ask about achievements and how they achieved it – this allows you to dig deeper and engage in their sales and work process. Remember, a great salesperson would love to talk about their success and would have no trouble getting into the numerical details.

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