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5 Unconventional and Effective Tips to Boost your Job Search

Posted on November 28th, by Goldbeck Recruiting in Career, Job Search, Resume Writing. Comments Off on 5 Unconventional and Effective Tips to Boost your Job Search

Unconventional Methods

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Job Search can be tedious when you’re not having any luck scoring interviews. This can happen quite often in our fast paced social media dominated society. When this happens, you may have to take a step back and approach the situation from another angle. Here are 5 unconventional and unusual BUT effective ways you can get yourself back in the game and climbing the ladder to success in no time.

1. Rewrite your Cover Letter:

A recruiter has to go through hundreds of resumes in a day.  You as a job seeker have to ensure that your resume is noticed. One of the best ways to do this is to be a little more creative with it and have a little fun. Now you may ask, how does one go about doing that? Here are few ways you can spice up your cover letter:

  • Use illustrations and graphics to show off your skills.
  • Use a different writing style, perhaps try to use nuances like that of a famous movie star. Believe it or not, I bagged my first job by writing my letter in the voice of ‘Yoda’ from Star Wars. (Be careful with this one, you will really have to tailor this to a handful of companies)
  • Sometimes, you just might want to rewrite it completely.  When you are doing this you begin to notice flaws and gaps that you didn’t see at first. A fresher approach always helps.

2. Unconventional yet Creative Resume:

One of the most boldest way you could approach this would be to redesign your resume with something minimal or fancy. This can help especially if you’re in Marketing, Media Production or other creative fields. Give the employer a taste of your skill… why link them to your portfolio when the resume itself can be a sample work piece. This also has an added benefit:  the employer who does receives your resume is very likely to share this with their followers on Social Media.

3. Market Yourself :

This is perhaps one of the best ways you can get your name out there. Purchasing a domain with your name or even something unique as a brand for yourself and setting up a website which describes your past experiences, skills, goals and more can go a long way for you as a professional. This can be great especially to showcase your work in gorgeous galleries and in rich multimedia. A website in your name also helps when a prospective employer who Google your name and lands directly on your page. Additionally, you can get business cards professionally designed to match the design of your website keeping everything consistent.

PRO TIP : Ensure you lock in all social media accounts if you’re going for a brand name.

4. Use Social Media to Create Content and Network:

While it may be something we do in our professional lives, we have to face it that it is now a part of our professional lives too. With many companies now on both Facebook and Twitter, it is a fantastic way of getting yourself recognized and networking with the people in your industry. This opens you up to many opportunities that perhaps may have been unavailable. Remember, don’t just RT and share links but add to the conversation as well. Share your own thoughts, and if you have a blog, remember to share that as well. Remember to keep strong opinions to yourself and never publicize them – these could hurt you even if you didn’t mean to cause it.

5. Keep it short and to the point:

Gone are the days where you would have to spin a web of stories and anecdotes, just get to the point. It saves both you and the recruiter a lot of time. This also focuses on your real skills rather than story telling. BUT always have these stories rehearsed in mind should an interviewer ask you about a situation in which you, let’s say, handled yourself under pressure. In situations like those, anecdotes convey the message best.

These are just some points that should get you up and running again. While the tips above are a breath of fresh, don’t forget the basics of resume writing focused on keywords so you do show up in databases.

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