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5 Ways to Manage Your Remote Employees and Keep them Happy

Posted on April 21st, by Henry Goldbeck in HR Management, Workplace Wellness. Comments Off on 5 Ways to Manage Your Remote Employees and Keep them Happy

In an age when technology has provided us with numerous means of communication, where that be email, text, phone, or video conferencing – remote employees are becoming more common than ever before. Keep your remote players happy and productive by following these five tips:

Hire the managing-remote-employeesRight Type of Person to Work Remotely

Although many people say they would enjoy working from home, telecommuting is not for everyone. Studies show that extroverts are more likely to be happy and productive in a telecommuting position, with a tendency to be more assertive and organized than their introverted counterparts. Of course, whether or not they are an extrovert or introvert is only part of the equation. They need to be the kind of person who works best without supervision and hard rules.

Schedule Regular Communication

A remote employee’s biggest fear is being forgotten or overlooked. Because they’re not right in front of you every day, they’re worried they will lose out on the best projects or not be included in the latest opportunities. The best way to keep your remote employee in the loop is to schedule one-on-one meetings on a regular basis, either by phone or by video conference.-graphic from smart home intercom company Nucleus

Be Transparent

It’s always a good idea to share recent company news and any short-term or long-term goals with your remote employees. It helps them to stay motivated and understand how what they do affects the company. If they feel they are being kept informed, they will feel like they are working with you rather than just for you.

Use Web Tools for Easy Collaboration

Get savvy with web-based sharing tools like Google Drive and Skype. Google Drive embodies all the essential office tools. Everything from word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations are stored on the web and are easily accessed from any computer. The Share feature allows users to easily collaborate and edit the same document or spreadsheet in real time, with a handy chat window available for added communication.

Skype is a great substitute for in-person meetings. The video feature allows for more personal interaction and the screen-share feature permits your remote employees to visually show you what they’ve been working on.

Make Sure They Feel They’re Part of the Team

It’s important to make your telecommuting employees feel like they are truly a part of the company. Make sure you keep them in the loop of all the latest hires and company news, as well as acknowledging personal milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries. When possible, get them involved with other team members or remote employees to collaborate on projects.


Managing your remote employees can be a unique challenge from the traditional office setting, but as long as you hire the right people and check in with them to make sure they are on the same page as you, they can be some of your best employees!









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