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6 Easy Ways to Inspire Your Employees

Posted on November 4th, by Goldbeck Recruiting in HR Management, Leadership, Recruitment. Comments Off on 6 Easy Ways to Inspire Your Employees

Photo Credit: Jeff Djevdet | Flickr

Photo Credit: Jeff Djevdet | Flickr

You must have already read the textbook chapters in business school or other vanilla articles on how managers can motivate employees. But to truly motivate your employees you have to inspire them – a truly inspired employee is self motivated and works towards the value of your brand and company. This in turn increases productivity, efficiency, client retention and more while reducing employee turnover.

Here are some of our tips to keep the cogs of your company rolling as efficiently as possible:


A little gratitude can go a long way. Everyone likes to be thanked for the work they do and appreciation via gratitude can make a whole lot difference to your team. This appreciation is great not just for the current project but the future ones too as the team would continue to work hard towards the next goal too.

Invite Feedback

Feedback from your team is perhaps one of the best tools that you as a manager could have. Amazing things happen when the entire team is involved in making decisions; these decisions when made collectively help employees feel a part of something and are likely to work much harder as they feel responsible for the decision that was made. Brainstorming is another great way to include all ideas and have fun while doing so.

Sell the Benefit

As a manager, you are a leader too – if you are getting employees to work towards a goal, don’t just tell them what to do but tell them why and how it will benefit them personally and how the work they are doing matters. This allows people to feel pride in what they do and again are more likely to work harder and towards the cause.


Encourage employees to grow personally by taking time to understand their personal goals and giving them the opportunities to work towards them. This could mean a training session or even a retreat that would help the team bond together better. Google is one such company that allows employees an hour every day to work towards their own personal project that could be made into something bigger or just as a hobby.


The physical environment that an employee is in plays a very big role in their inspiration and the work they do. The employee could do decent work out of his cubicle but is more likely to get higher quality work done in an office where everyone interacts with each other and plays off the energy of the team. This could mean rearranging the office floor space and be sure to add fun inspiring posters and plants to make the office space more lively and colourful.

Don’t be a Bad Boss

A bad boss is one that pawns off all work to his employees, throws them under the bus when the time comes and over all puts in almost no effort for the betterment of the employees and the office. Fear mongering by threatening to fire or pitting employees against each other almost never works, this brings down the morale of everyone on the team and makes the entire experience resentful.

These are just a few tips that you could use to inspire your team at work and remember that as a team you can use these tips to inspire your coworker as well and contributing to the overall wellness of the organization.

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