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Alessia Pagliaroli Interviewed by Entrepreneurship Student Matthew Wollin

Posted on May 26th, by Alessia Pagliaroli in Career Development. Comments Off on Alessia Pagliaroli Interviewed by Entrepreneurship Student Matthew Wollin

Alessia Pagliaroli, Specialized Recruiter in Sales and Marketing at Goldbeck Recruiting, meets for an interview with Matthew Wollin, a 4th year Entrepreneurship student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Matthew currently is engaged in the first stage of the capstone project of his program which involves gathering information from business leaders and individuals within various industries. Matthew is focusing on the employment agency/ recruiting industry – specifically permanent sales placements.

Your involved in sales and recruiting on the sales and marketing side, are you mostly searching for executive placements?

Yes and no, each recruiter has their own function, and I manage the sales and marketing side. So, I do everything from top level executive placements, to entry level placements. It depends on what the needs of the client are.

There are a lot of different recruitment agencies in Vancouver. What about your service and do your offerings separate you from your competitors?

It’s not so much what we do different, it is what we do better. The only way we know is really based on feedback from clients and our clients are happy with our quality of placements. Quality of search, not quantity. I really listen to the customer and then try and understand them. Figure out what they are looking for and what their needs are. I also don’t wait for an applicant, I headhunt. Sometimes there is no one right in the applicant pool. So, I look at non-active or passive candidates. That’s people who are in a job already and aren’t actively looking for a new one.

There is a lot of effort that goes into each candidate. We only pass along 2 or 3 individuals so they must be quality. Some companies pass along a big list of candidates, so we make it easy and pass along only a few qualified candidates.

From my understanding of the industry, you face competition on two levels. How competitive is your industry?

Well small to medium sized businesses typically do not have recruitment teams. Not enough people for them to follow a proper process or fully manage the recruitment cycle. So, less competition internally from them. They just do not have the means.

Bigger clients have HR managers, and even recruiting staff so they can manage the process if they have direct applicants. But that also depends on how a recruitment agreement is set up, or the relationship we have with clients. We try and focus 100% on relationship and retaining clients. That is important. When we have a strong relationship with clients then they are less likely to try and hire directly.

How much competition do you face from other employment agencies?

It depends on the relationship again. Some companies have a few firms searching. Some are exclusive; a lot of the work we do is exclusive. Maybe 50%. The problem with not having exclusive clients is that firms will try and rush to place someone. And they place the wrong person. So, we try and build the relationship and move clients to exclusive. You risk quality of placement if not exclusive.

How critical is having, and building a strong client pool?

Really important. We need access to candidates. Those are the people we place and recruit for our clients. So, it really is very important.

Developing and building the candidate pool is also essential. It is not easy to find quality people who are interested. When people have a position, everything must be right; right location, right salary, right benefits.

We are not a staffing agency so we only need contacts when jobs come. We do a lot of marketing to get candidates. Newsletters, getting people to subscribe to email lists, LinkedIn. It is beneficial for both parties.

How do you manage the unpredictable nature of recruitment?

We must have a lot of different clients. It helps that we recruit for many functions. But it really fluctuates. No cycles and so unpredictable. We are always looking for new clients. First is developing the relationship with existing clients, and then bringing in new ones.

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Alessia Pagliaroli graduated with a Masters Degree in Communication at Siena University in Italy. She has over 13 years of experience in the recruitment industry. Her areas of focus are Marketing, Engineering, Construction Management, Consumer Wholesale, Technology & IT Sales, Supply Chain & Logistics.

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