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5 Ways to stop Ageism getting in the way of your business

It is an unfortunate truth of our society that employees are often stereotyped based on their age. Some researchers suggest our society devalues the competence and adaptability of older employees. This does a great disservice to those employees, and also hurts the businesses who act upon these stereotypes.

Modern businesses aren’t usually looking to advertise unfair … Read More »

Recruiting Fundamentals

Posted on November 29th, by Karen Epp in Company News. Comments Off on Recruiting Fundamentals

Karen Epp of Goldbeck Recruiting comments on some fundamentals Recruiters may want to know.

1.) What are some shortcuts recruiters start using once they’ve been in the game for a while?

1. “Many quit replying to applicants.

2. Stopping the search once you have several suitable candidates.

3 Not keeping records of your … Read More »

Nonverbal Communication Speaks Volumes in the Accounting Business

Posted on November 17th, by Karen Epp in Finance, Interviewing Advice, Karen Epp. Comments Off on Nonverbal Communication Speaks Volumes in the Accounting Business

With a seemingly ever-tightening economy, accountants – especially those who are just starting out – need more than just their professional knowledge to find and keep clients. Communication and interpersonal skills are instrumental to beating the competition.

What is said verbally is only part of what is communicated to a prospective client. Attire, body language, and … Read More »

Top 5 Traits For Hiring An Accountant

Posted on September 19th, by Karen Epp in Career, Career Development, Finance, HR Management, Interviewing Advice, Karen Epp, Leadership, Recruitment. Comments Off on Top 5 Traits For Hiring An Accountant

5 Optimal Traits to Look for in an Accountant

In the words of Mr. Renna, a spokesman for the Society of Professional Accountants of Canada, “[Accountants} are not just bean counters anymore… Thirty or forty years ago, business owners may have said, ‘Here are my books, do my taxes, goodbye and I’ll see you next year.’ … Read More »

Projected Wage Growth in Canada’s Accounting Sectors

Posted on November 7th, by Karen Epp in Finance, HR Management, Human Resources, Karen Epp, Recruitment. Comments Off on Projected Wage Growth in Canada’s Accounting Sectors

Accounting is a vast industry and it has been growing at a rapid pace in Canada. In this post we look at growth of the Canadian Job Market and the trends in Accounting.


As we see above, the weekly wage in Canada has been at an increase at a steady pace, it should be mentioned that … Read More »