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Beware of Scary Clients this Halloween

Posted on October 28th, by Goldbeck Recruiting in About, Just For Fun, Recruitment. Comments Off on Beware of Scary Clients this Halloween

It’s almost Halloween, and as is tradition we tell you about some of our scariest and most peculiar experiences we have had in the pastgiphy (2). Last year, we told you about candidates  and this year we put the spotlight on some of our past clients.

Over time we have come across some prospective clients that made us wonder and even a little terrified.

The Drunk

Henry had once encountered a Scandinavian client in the pulp and paper industry whose infamous last interview stage was to see if the candidate could hold their liquor.  There would be a lunch where the finalist candidate would be required to drink, a lot and still needed to be able to function.

“Glad I was not applying for that job.  I would have failed that interview.” said Henry.

Fight Club Candidate

You know how at every party has this one fellow who is hell bent on picking a fight with anyone who bumps into them? Yeah, we had one of those too.

This prospective client was wondering if we would give him a 100% refund should the candidate that we place not work out, reason being “our work environment may not be suitable for a lot of people, we swear a lot and throw things.”

The Boaster

The loudest of them all, talking about their latest and most expensive hobby and how they think you should help them delve more into it. Just like one of our prospective clients who apparently inherited a million dollars, purchased a private airline and wanted our help to hire a personal helicopter pilot and a personal chef.

I suppose we all have a fantasy like that, don’t we?

The Impatient

Some of our clients can get clingy which is understandable with projects at hand but we have had clients who want updates on the candidate search every hour. Now, anyone who has worked in Human Resources knows that searches can take a while – especially when we are looking for an outstanding and fantastic candidate that will help you and your company excel to new heights.

The Cold Hearted

These are quite the opposite of the impatient, the cold hearted on the other hand refuses to reply to our emails or phone calls for weeks and then resurface much later to ask us for an update. We require constant feedback on the candidates we present to help place the perfect candidate for your job which cannot be done, when there is no feedback to work with.

Have you had a peculiar encounter with a client or a candidate? Share your stories with us by leaving a comment below or connecting with us on our Twitter or Facebook.

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