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Building your Professional Online Presence

Posted on April 22nd, by Goldbeck Recruiting in Career, Career Development. Comments Off on Building your Professional Online Presence

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The person you sat next to on the train to work has an online profile and almost everyone you walked by on the street and anyone you might see today, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course LinkedIN.

In today’s world, we all have contributed to our social media pages in one way or another. Our Social Media profiles have become our identity over the Internet, it is what people see and get in contact with you. It is important to build this presence to be visible in the eyes of recruiters, companies and any such opportunities that may arise.

Building your Online Presence can be challenging and a little overwhelming at first however once you get the hang of it, it’s simple and easy.

Just remember these simple strategies that make you more comfortable:


Keep consistent with your appearance and message across all channels of social media; this means having a professional photo across all your social media accounts. One great way to maintain your identity is creating an about.me page, this page acts like your online business card with all your important links.

Be Professional

Always be professional when you post something.  Keep in mind that everyone can see and what kind of an impression you want to create with that post.  Being courteous and respectful to your readers goes a long way. Remember always avoid an argument if you can.

Original Information

Always make attempt to post original information.  Think like you are on the receiving end of the information and if this information that you are going to post will actually benefit the reader.

Privacy Controls

Your privacy controls are your best friends when it comes to building your online presence. These will help you keep your message public or friends only. Good practice is having separate accounts for professional and personal use; this avoids avoidable goof ups that could jeopardize all your work.

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