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Canadian Hiring Priorities

Posted on September 7th, by Henry Goldbeck in HR Management, Recruitment. Comments Off on Canadian Hiring Priorities

Results Driven

 2010 is all about the aggressive delivery of results, keeping align with this, leadership development and performance management received the highest increase in resources and considered to be a priority of 2010, according to BCHRMA 2010 survey of 677 respondents.    

Source: BC HRMA Survey Report June 2010

Succession Planning on the Rise

The importance of succession planning jumped from #8 in importance to #5, as forecast-ed and expected to continue.

Resources Distribution

What was not seen as a priority but, received a significant portion of the resources was recruitment and selection, suggesting companies are anticipating a slight increase in headcount and or expecting turnover/ organization restructuring as poor performers get weeded out.  As compared to 2009, 39% forecast-ed their staffing levels to reduce as opposed to 45% who are projecting a 2-5% increase in staffing levels for 2010.

Employee engagement did not make it in the top 6 of resource distribution list but, is still considered a vital issue.

Source: BC HRMA Survey Report June 2010

Learning & Development decreases in importance and resources

Learning and development has been a priority in a last two years, it has slipped in importance and resources, while performance management has increased.  11% increase in performance management, Individuals and departments are increasingly held accountable for their performance or lack thereof.  There is a lot more being asked of top performers and leaders, it considered top priority and is heavily invested.

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