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Getting a Job Through Social Media

Posted on May 22nd, by Lougie in Job Search, Resume Writing. Comments Off on Getting a Job Through Social Media



Using Pinterest as your resume – TNW

The Facebook Job Board Is Here: Recruiting Will Never Look The Same – J.J. Colao, Fobres
Make LinkedIn Help You Find A Job – Susan Adams, Forbes
Job Seekers: Beware These Social Media Traps -Dani Fankhauser
10 Smart Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search -Alexis Grant, USNews
How Job Seekers Use Social … Read More »

Optimizing Your Resume – Finding the Right Keywords

Posted on May 15th, by Henry Goldbeck in Job Search, Resume Writing. 1 Comment

Hiring managers take 5 seconds to scan your resume to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. Within those 5 seconds it is up to you to persuade them that you are not only a suitable candidate but also the perfect candidate. Similar to how certain advertisements are able to make you pause and read on, like Free, 80%, Sale, Hiring Managers are also drawn to trigger keywords. How to determine what are the keywords?

Salary Wizard Calculator and Stats

Posted on May 1st, by Henry Goldbeck in Career, Career Development, Human Resources, Job Search, Recruitment. Comments Off on Salary Wizard Calculator and Stats

Whether you are preparing for salary negotiations or just want to know, we have compiled a few links to help you calculate your benchmark salary.

Top 10 Tips for Standing Out During Your Telephone Interview

Posted on March 26th, by Lougie in Job Search. 1 Comment

Phone interviews are a growing trend these days, as the process of recruitment becomes more and more technology intensive. Digital professional platforms, virtual job fairs, phone and video interviews all offer a cost efficient and time efficient way of going about hiring the best talent. Phone interviews are simply interviews that are taken over the … Read More »

Interviewing Tips Resources

Posted on March 16th, by Henry Goldbeck in Career, Job Search. Comments Off on Interviewing Tips Resources

A few of my favourite interviewing articles.