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My Two Cents on Bad Job Seekers

Posted on October 9th, by Henry Goldbeck in Career, Human Resources, Job Search, Recruitment. Comments Off on My Two Cents on Bad Job Seekers

I cannot determine whether they are just lazy or stupid.

As the Marketing Manager at a recruitment firm, I get emails from job applicants. I don’t recruit, my name is NOT affiliated with any job opportunities on our website, nor do I pretend to hire for a position, yet I still get applications. I try my … Read More »

work vs entrepeneur visa’s for USA.

Posted on October 3rd, by Henry Goldbeck in HR Management, Job Search, Recruitment. Comments Off on work vs entrepeneur visa’s for USA.

This is a really interesting article (Decline in immigrant entre­pre­neur­ship threatens U.S. competitiveness­­­) on the difficulty foreign students in the USA have in getting visa to stay and start a company. The can get a visa to work but not to be an entrepreneur. Mention of surprising stat about Silicon Valley, where the number of new … Read More »

Busted: Higher the Degree, Higher the Salary

Posted on September 26th, by Henry Goldbeck in Career, Career Development. 1 Comment

I just read a post by a competing recruitment firm that shall be nameless.  It was so far out of left field that I just had to throw in my two cents.

The post encouraged job seekers to advance their education, which I agree. It then goes to say the higher the degree, the higher the … Read More »

5 Ways to Annoy Recruiters: How to Make Sure Recruiters NEVER Call You Again

Posted on September 25th, by Henry Goldbeck in Human Resources, Job Search, Recruitment. 2 comments

Based on real events. Every job that has to deal with the masses has it’s challenges. Here are a few examples on how to get on my blacklist.

Be Egotistical. Continually tell them why you are a “perfect fit” for the position. Their rejections show their lack of knowledge and it is up to you to … Read More »

Does Your Resume Pass The 30 Second Test?

Posted on September 17th, by Henry Goldbeck in Job Search, Resume Writing. 2 comments

Employers and recruiters spend less than 30 seconds to scan your resume and determine whether you have what it takes to move to the next hiring stage. You may be a great candidate but your resume may not reflect that. So how do you grab their attention in 30 seconds? Take  the 30 second resume … Read More »