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Top Accounting Software

Posted on February 26th, by Karen Epp in Finance, Karen Epp. 1 Comment

Accounting Software is used by businesses to help automate and manage payroll, accounts payable and receivable, purchase orders, and more. The Accounting Software industry is now a multi-billion dollar industry with hundreds of competitive solutions available. Below is a look at the most popular options as measured by a combination of their total number of customers, users, and social presence.

BC CPA: Important Facts You Must Know

Posted on January 9th, by Karen Epp in Finance, Karen Epp. Comments Off on BC CPA: Important Facts You Must Know

Who can use the CPA designation?
BC CPA releases important information for all BC members on the use of the CPA designation

Accountants – Try Using Some Color!

Posted on December 10th, by Karen Epp in Finance, Job Search, Resume Writing. Comments Off on Accountants – Try Using Some Color!

Keeping your resume simple and straightforward is just fine – actually beneficial. The information on it is the most important piece. I am a fan of the Chronological resume. You can however do things to help your resume stand out and be remembered and to make it easier for the reader to identify the most important information through your layout and with a little color.

Accountant Salary Comparison

Posted on September 3rd, by Karen Epp in Career, Finance. Comments Off on Accountant Salary Comparison

Improving your credentials is a wise investment in almost any career, ad that’s certainly true for those who work in accounting and related fields. Accounting recent trends and salary and compensation comparisons

Survey Reveals Finance & Accounting Professionals are Most Satisfied with their Job

Posted on July 3rd, by Henry Goldbeck in Career Development, Finance. 1 Comment

A recent Monster Workforce Talent survey of close to 6000 participants, revealed engineers and finance professionals were among the most satisfied with their current and future job prospects.

Within the finance & accounting industry, Accountants, Management Analysts and, Market Research Analysts rank as the top three jobs.

Over 80% of finance & accounting professionals expressed they were … Read More »