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What Your Employees Need From You

Posted on June 11th, by Henry Goldbeck in HR Management, Human Resources, Recruitment. Comments Off on What Your Employees Need From You

What Your Employees Need From You
Your employees spend a minimum of 40 hours a week at the office. In some cases they spend more time at work than with their family or friends. Creating a welcoming and comfortable surrounding will go a long way towards creating a solid reputation as a top employer. Companies like Infosys and Google brought out the big guns. Infosys tries to foster a culture of fun by building a bowling alley into their office.

Canadian Labour and Employment Laws Resources

Posted on May 8th, by Lougie in Human Resources, Industry Resources. 1 Comment

We have compiled a list of new Canadian Labour and Employment Laws links

BC Workplace Standards Comparison – IPM Management Training and Development
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Rogue Ontario Employer Sentenced to Jail for ESA Violations. A Good First … Read More »

Salary Wizard Calculator and Stats

Posted on May 1st, by Henry Goldbeck in Career, Career Development, Human Resources, Job Search, Recruitment. Comments Off on Salary Wizard Calculator and Stats

Whether you are preparing for salary negotiations or just want to know, we have compiled a few links to help you calculate your benchmark salary.

How to conduct background checks

Posted on April 4th, by Lougie in Human Resources, Recruitment, Vivian Fung. Comments Off on How to conduct background checks

People lie. They lie a lot; especially when there’s an incentive for doing so. This is why most companies conduct some form of background check. Background screening typically yields a high return on investment and allows you to mitigate the huge risks associated with bad hires. Bust most small to medium sized businesses have no … Read More »

Vivian Fung Awarded for Top Score by HRMA

Posted on April 2nd, by Henry Goldbeck in Company News, Human Resources, Vivian Fung. 1 Comment

Senior Recruiter, Vivian Fung, human resources professional at Goldbeck Recruiting has been awarded for achieving the top score on the October 2012 National Professional Practice Assessment in Greater Vancouver. The award was presented at the British Columbia Human Resources Management Association (BC HRMA) Recognition Event in February 2013.