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Agriculture & Forestry Industry Resources

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Agriculture Industry Publications

Food and Farming Canada

Agriculture Industry Websites

ECO Canada
Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada
Agricultural Institute of Canada
Crop Life Canada
Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology
Canadian Society of Agronomy
Ministry of Agriculture and Lands
Canadian Organic Growers

Agriculture Associations

Canadian Agricultural Safety Association
National Farmers Union Canada
Canadian Federation of Agriculture
Junior Farmers Association of Ontario

Forestry Industry Associations

BC Forest Safety Council
Ontario Forest Industries Association
Forest Products … Read More »

Mining, Oil, & Gas Industry Resources

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Mining Industry Publications

The Globe and Mail: “A Look At Canada’s Mining Industry”
Canadian Mining News
Canadian Mining Journal
Mining Industry Today
The Northern Miner

Mining Industry Websites

Canadian Industry Statistics – Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction
Natural Resources Canada – Minerals & Metals Sector
MBendi- Mining in Canada Overview

Mining Associations

The Mining Association of Canada
The Mining Association of BC
The Women’s Association of … Read More »

B2B & Wholesale Trade Industry Resources

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Wholesale Trade Industry Websites

Industry Canada – Wholesale Industry
Canadian Industry Statistics – Wholesale Trade
Guide to BC Economy – Wholesale & Retail Trade

Wholesale Trade Associations

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
Packaging Association of Canada
Canadian Association of Equipment Distributors (CAED)
Canadian Transportation Equipment Association
Industry Canada List of Canadian Wholesale Associations

Healthcare & Biotech Industry Resources

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Healthcare & Biotech Industry Websites

Pharmaceutical Business Review
BioSpace Canada
Lifesciences BC
Bio Business Magazine Canada
MedScapes WebMD
Medical Devices Manufacturing Statistics – Canada Government

Healthcare & Biotech Industry Associations

Ag-West Bio (Saskatchewan)
Bio Alberta
Toronto Biotechnology Initiative
Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association
MEDEC (Medical Devices Canadian Association)
Bio – Technology Canada
National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives
BC Pharmacy Association
Canadian Pharmacist Association
College of Pharmacists of BC
UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences

Construction Industry Resources

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Construction Industry Websites

Construction Sector Council
Daily Commercial News and Construction Record
Journal of Commerce
Canadian Construction Women
BC Construction and Landscaping Network
On-Site Magazine

Construction Associations

BC Construction Association
Construction Sector Council – market forecasts
Canadian Construction Association
Construction Specifications Canada
Alberta Construction Safety Association
Edmonton Construction Association
Cement Association of Canada
Toronto Construction Association

Engineering Professional Associations

Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE)
Canadian Council of Professional Engineers (CCPE)
Canadian Federation of Engineering … Read More »