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Top 5 Employment Issues

Posted on May 1st, by Jessica Miles in Career Development, Human Resources. Comments Off on Top 5 Employment Issues

On April 19th, we attended a great presentation by Trevor Thomas of Kent Employment Law. Trevor is an employment lawyer who shared his legal expertise on the top five employment issues that cross his desk.  The presentation focused on:

The difference between an employee versus an independent contractor,
The nuisances of employment contracts,
How the Employment Standards Act … Read More »

Accidents at Work

Posted on March 15th, by Henry Goldbeck in Engineering, In The Media. Comments Off on Accidents at Work

In 2015, there were 5,000 deaths in the EU as a result of accidents in the workplace. This is an incredible number and as this infographic from Hussey Fraser outlines, it makes proper safety procedures at work all the more paramount. The most common type of injury is one from someone slipping, tripping or falling. … Read More »

The Best Tips for Hiring Engineers

Posted on March 14th, by Kevin Leh in Engineering. Comments Off on The Best Tips for Hiring Engineers

Engineers of all stripes are in high demand. From start-ups to well-established companies, engineers have an embarrassment of choice when it comes to selecting their employer, especially in the construction industry.

That means HR and hiring managers need to use surgical and precision-like practices to secure the best hires for their company’s needs. The good … Read More »

5 Free Web Tools to Help Harness and Execute Your Ideas

Posted on January 9th, by Henry Goldbeck in Company News, Just For Fun, Leadership, Technology. Comments Off on 5 Free Web Tools to Help Harness and Execute Your Ideas

Long gone are the days when the only way to keep track of your ideas was to take a pencil to paper. There are now a plethora of tools on the internet that can help you track, share, and execute all your brilliant ideas. Best of all, many of them are free to use!

Whether you … Read More »

First Rule of Recruiting

Posted on December 20th, by Henry Goldbeck in Finance, Human Resources. Comments Off on First Rule of Recruiting

Henry Goldbeck talks to the importance of the first rule in recruiting

“Determine and clarify the essential, important, positive and negative skills, experience, characteristics etc. required of the successful candidate for the position.

Determine the time frame for hiring and what internal resources you can dedicate to the sourcing of candidates.  If internal resources are insufficient based on the difficulty … Read More »