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Next Monday (March 31): Henry Goldbeck will be on The Bill Good Show

Posted on March 24th, by Henry Goldbeck in Henry Goldbeck, In The Media. Comments Off on Next Monday (March 31): Henry Goldbeck will be on The Bill Good Show

What advice do they give job seekers? And how can candidates stand out among the competition? What are the challenges associated with “brain drain” and the skills training gap?

Henry Goldbeck will be answering these questions and more on The Bill Good Show on Monday March 31, 2014.

Weird Job Titles Make Us Smile, But They’re Not The Keywords Employers Search For

Posted on March 19th, by Henry Goldbeck in Career, Henry Goldbeck, Job Search, Resume Writing. Comments Off on Weird Job Titles Make Us Smile, But They’re Not The Keywords Employers Search For

In our candidate database we have seven ninjas.

Here’s how many we’ve interviewed: 0.

Here’s how many we’ve hired or placed: 0.

“Would you hire someone who described herself as a ‘new product ninja’ or a ‘ninja programmer’?” I asked Henry Goldbeck, the president of our company and a recruiter with more than 27 years of experience.

“Maybe,” he said. “I don’t care what people call themselves. If they have the skills for the position, I’ll call them. The question is, would I see their resume in the first place?”

And THAT is the question.

Here’s how to be creative on your resume and on LinkedIn…and still get found.

Top Accounting Software

Posted on February 26th, by Karen Epp in Finance, Karen Epp. 1 Comment

Accounting Software is used by businesses to help automate and manage payroll, accounts payable and receivable, purchase orders, and more. The Accounting Software industry is now a multi-billion dollar industry with hundreds of competitive solutions available. Below is a look at the most popular options as measured by a combination of their total number of customers, users, and social presence.

Build Real Relationships. Advice For New Grads

Posted on February 21st, by Goldbeck Recruiting in Career Development, In The Media, Vivian Fung. Comments Off on Build Real Relationships. Advice For New Grads

Don’t network just to get a job; network to build real relationships. The point of informational interviews is not to get a job, but rather to learn more about the company and establish a relationship with the person you’re speaking with. That goes with any networking opportunity you come across. As someone who has spoken at both large and small scale events, Vivian says that nothing bothers her more than people who are apparent about wanting something from you. “Don’t expect a job.” Network to build a genuine relationship with the person first; ask them what they do, and at most, exchange contact information to stay in touch.

How to Write Awesome LinkedIn Recommendations

Posted on February 20th, by Henry Goldbeck in Career Development, Caroline Lau. Comments Off on How to Write Awesome LinkedIn Recommendations

I compare writing a LinkedIn recommendation to crafting an Amazon product review. As a consumer, I use it to research whether the product is reliable and the delivery of its promises. I want to know specifics like how long you have had it for and, how it helped alleviate some of their daily chores. I pay no credence to reviews that say “It is great, would recommend” or “it was cheap.” To compare, this is equivalent to saying “Hardworking, nice coworker”. That does not tell me anything about you.