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Reskilling Employees Within IT and Telecommunications

Posted on October 16th, by Henry Goldbeck in Henry Goldbeck, Recruitment, Technology. No Comments

Technology has developed so rapidly within the IT and telecommunications industries that the European Commission has called it “the new industrial revolution,” which has created a demand for advanced digital skill sets.[1]

Within any industry involving technology, there are several different job titles and roles that require a dynamic pool of candidates including not only those … Read More »

Wall Street and the Blockchain: Creating, Protecting and Insuring Cryptocurrency

Posted on October 14th, by Karen Epp in Finance, Finance & Accounting Case Studies, Karen Epp, Recruitment. No Comments

In 2008, a person, persons or entity going by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper that introduced the world to the concept of Bitcoin. [1] It would be several years before most people became familiar with, or even aware of, the decentralized digital currency. Just over a decade later Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and … Read More »

Your Office is Your Outfit, Dress for Success

Posted on October 7th, by Goldbeck Recruiting in Human Resources, Recruitment. Comments Off on Your Office is Your Outfit, Dress for Success

The old saying goes that clothes make the man (or woman). While this is not completely true, it’s not completely false either. The same notion could easily apply to real estate. If an office is the clothes a company wears, well, it’s best to dress the part. Much like clothing, office real estate is one … Read More »

The Reality of Today’s Skilled Oil and Gas Workers

Posted on October 2nd, by Goldbeck Recruiting in Recruitment. Comments Off on The Reality of Today’s Skilled Oil and Gas Workers

Skilled workers faced a dark reality with the onset of Alberta’s oil and gas crisis in 2014. 100,000 industry jobs were lost and, since then, the job market hasn’t been the same. [1]  This crisis continues to weigh hard on workers for many reasons, one of them being the accustomed  high pay. After all, oil … Read More »

Omnichannel, Blockchain and the Logistics Revolution in Wholesale

Posted on September 27th, by Jessica Miles in Leadership, Recruitment, Sales & Marketing, Sales & Marketing Case Studies, Technology. Comments Off on Omnichannel, Blockchain and the Logistics Revolution in Wholesale

“Disruption” is the buzzword that often surrounds technology in the business world. Indeed, we live in an era of unprecedented technological advancements, with new developments morphing from idea to actuality to prevalence at breakneck speed. New ordering platforms alongside heightened service and delivery expectations have revolutionized eCommerce on the retail side and wholesale is no … Read More »