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Career Guide: Intern to a Full-Time Employee

Posted on June 23rd, by Goldbeck Recruiting in Career, Career Development. Comments Off on Career Guide: Intern to a Full-Time Employee


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As summer approaches, students across North America clamor to secure internships in hopes to add relevant job experience to their resumes. But, the question at hand is how do we ensure that this internship has a possibility of turning into a full time job in the near future?

There are few points you need to keep in mind and work toward this goal.

Do your Research

One of the most important things to find the right internship is to do your research right. This ensures that you know what you are getting into before hand and of course allows you to perform better at the interview. This also means to understand and read up on how well established the school’s internship program is.

Ask Questions

Ask a lot of questions during the interview;  this shows you are enthusiastic about the opportunity. Be sure to ask about the full-time employment during your interview. This ensures that the company has a culture of absorbing interns into full time jobs.

Be Social

Once you have secured the internship, make it a point to meet and great everyone. This will allow you to get to know the people and the company better. This highly increases the chance of you securing a full time job opportunity within the organization.

Don’t be Afraid

It’s okay to not know everything — ask questions and show interest to learn and understand the workings of the company .  This is one of the most vital aspects in securing a full time job when coming in from an internship.

Be Patient

A lot of work that will be given to you will be menial tasks and basic grunt work. You have to power through and be patient for the real tasks. This is also where you have to show enthusiasm and look for more challenging tasks.

Be Invaluable

Once you become a part of the organization, try to find more challenging tasks to do and eventually become an indispensable cog of the machine that is the organization.  This secures the opportunity for a full time job and letting you get your foot in the door easily.

Remember, these are some basic rules – you must employ these as well as other basic professional etiquette like keeping your desk clean, dressing professionally etc. This won’t guarantee a placement but will surely help strengthen the cause.

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