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Celebrating Working Moms this Mother’s Day

Posted on May 10th, by Henry Goldbeck in Events, In The Media, Just For Fun. Comments Off on Celebrating Working Moms this Mother’s Day

The special celebration of Mother’s Day first originated in 1908, West Virginia, when a woman named Anna Jarvis held a memorial to honour her mother who had passed three years earlier, and who first campaigned for Mother’s Day to be a recognized holiday in the United States. Today, it is celebrated in numerous countries across the globe, including Canada.

Being a parent in itself is a full-time job, and yet in these modern times, it’s the norm for mothers to be full-time employees on top of their parenting duties. A recent study by the Pew Foundation discovered that mothers are not just working full time, they are also the primary income provider in 40% of homes with children, over half of which are single mothers. To put that in perspective, that is almost quadruple the rate from the 1960s.

And although the occasion is officially celebrated on the second Sunday in May every year, it’s seldom celebrated in the workplace. But given the number of working moms and the challenges that each of these women face on a daily basis, it’s undoubtedly an occasion worth taking note of!

This year, take some time during the week before Mother’s Day to recognize the hard-working mothers in your office. It can be a simple a gesture such as giving out a long-stemmed rose or carnation to the women in the office, or arranging for a breakfast or lunch to be catered in. You could even consider offering a shorter work day on Friday to give them an early start on the Mother’s Day weekend.

There’s no doubt that recognizing Mother’s Day in the office will go a long way to boosting engagement while providing another opportunity to show appreciation to your employees!

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Henry E. Goldbeck, President of Goldbeck Recruiting Inc, is a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and founded Goldbeck Recruiting in 1997. Since then, Henry has built the company's reputation as a leading headhunter and recruitment agency in sales, marketing, operations, engineering, and executive level positions across a variety of industries.

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