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Why It Is Crucial To Build Your Team When Starting A New Business

Posted on May 19th, by Henry Goldbeck in HR Management, Recruitment. Comments Off on Why It Is Crucial To Build Your Team When Starting A New Business

Any entrepreneur who has founded a startup company will tell you that they have to attend to dozens of details. Because many of these tasks may be far out of the business founder’s comfort zone

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and not related to the main products and services, they are likely to generate considerable stress. As soon as possible, business startup founders need to make it a priority to bring in the right people to help them.

New Business Owners Need To Build A Great Team

In fact, building a great team becomes both a challenge and a priority for new companies. According to a recent Fortune [1] article on startups, building the initial team to launch a new company is usually much more difficult that it is to recruit talent for an established company.

On the other hand, that great team can be as much of a strategic advantage as products, services, marketing, or anything else that you have. That, plus the fact that you can’t do everything yourself are two reasons why building and retaining your first team should be mission-critical goals.

Recruiting And Retaining A Startup Team

Why is it so tough for startups to hire the right people? The best people in their fields may already be engaged in established companies that can offer a lot more stability and predictability. Other talent may go unnoticed because they have skills in their profession but are not really great about marketing themselves.

Startups that have established their business mission very well usually have an easier time luring competent people out of their current cubbyholes. While joining a startup is always risky, it is very helpful to engage recruits on some emotional level. In truth, this isn’t that much different than any other type of marketing.

Employee retention is another issue. It is hard to attract new people to your corporate culture, for example, when that culture hasn’t really been settled. Even though entrepreneurs should be prepared for some ups and downs in the beginning, that does not mean that the technical gurus or marketing whizzes will all feel the same way. Most startup founders advise others to expect higher levels of turnover in the beginning.

What To Look For In Startup Employees

Carl Block founded a successful startup and he has some advice about what to look for when hiring employees for a new company. [2] He says that he tends to favor general abilities, an aptitude for wearing several different hats, and a personality that seems flexible over the specific skills of a specialist.

The emphasis in the beginning might be on hiring the people who are good enough at a variety of different tasks than people who are just perfect for one position. Because things tend to fluctuate with startups, this gives employers the pool of talent to handle many different jobs. In the end, when things settle, those employees may settle into their different roles as they gain both genera experience and experience with the specific company.

Startups Need To Prioritize People

In conclusion, it is important for startups to begin with a very clear and attractive business mission. This is the way to engage with recruits that might hesitate to do anything as risky as join a new company.

Of course, new companies will want to hire the best possible recruits. However, the best recruits for startups might be very different than the best recruits for established companies. Just as startup founders tend to be people who can wear a lot of hats, that initial pool of talent might also be people who are good generalists rather than specialists.

About the Author:

David Miller is a successful business owner who owns and operates the site, FindHigherEducationJobs.com which is designed to connect people with the best job opportunities available.

[1] http://fortune.com/2016/01/01/entrepreneur-business-focus/

[2] https://www.coxblue.com/focus-on-business-tips-on-starting-your-business-from-someone-whos-been-there/

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