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The Dos and Don’ts of an Office Holiday Party.

Posted on December 11th, by Goldbeck Recruiting in HR Management, Just For Fun. Comments Off on The Dos and Don’ts of an Office Holiday Party.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly…Happy Holidays

It’s the holiday season again and with everyone everywhere winding up operations to close the year on a big note, it’s time to have your annual office holiday party!

Here are some tips to help you survive:

Do Engage With Everyone.

At the holiday party, you won’t just be seeing your coworkers and clients but you will also be seeing new faces like their spouses and friends. Use this opportunity to network and connect with people. Chances are, they don’t know very many people there either and you would be helping them have a more comfortable evening.

Always remember to introduce and involve everyone in a conversation. It’s also a great idea to acknowledge children at the party by being playful and asking them about their favourite cartoon or toy. This is always great practice and shows that you are not just interested in yourself and appreciate the moment you are in.

Do Watch Your Liquor.

Always remember to watch your liquor intake, all the cocktails at the open bar are very tempting but you have to remain courteous and professional since you are still representing your company. It may be free liquor but you will be paying for it later.

It is a good rule of the thumb to stick to two drink maximum for the night.

Do Thank your Host.

Party planning can be tough work and you should always make sure to acknowledge and appreciate the host and party planner for all the effort they put into planning the party.

A token of appreciation can go a long way and definitely help lower the stress the party planner might be feeling on the party day.

Don’t Be Glued To Your Phone.

In the digital world that we live in today, it’s almost impossible to not glance at your phone. Try to keep emails and texting at the minimum or you could miss out on opportunities, fun titbits. Also you have to be sure that you don’t get caught on camera doing something silly or embarrassing. You don’t want to wake up with photos or videos of yourself tagged online.

Don’t Ignore the Dress Code

Remember this is a professional business event; tuck your funky Halloween costumes away for the next year.. It’s always a great idea to bring out the suit/blazer and look sharp and women can’t go wrong with an evening dress but again, make sure you know the event and don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

All in all, remember to be watchful of yourself and be sure to have fun. Adhere to your professional self and raise a glass to all the successes and achievements, be it personal or of the organization

Did you know, it’s a great strategic idea to hire over the holidays. Send us an email here and let us help you hire great staff to kickstart your projects and plans for the new year.

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