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Easing Back into Work After the Summer Holidays

Posted on September 3rd, by Goldbeck Recruiting in Recruitment. Comments Off on Easing Back into Work After the Summer Holidays

Flip_flopsNow that we have reached the end of summer and are approaching the fall season, we can say goodbye to the beach, the weekend getaways and tropical vacations and start getting back into the office. However, getting back into the office after coming home from a holiday is much easier said than done. Not only do you feel you need another vacation from that vacation you just came back from, but you also get nostalgic feelings coming home, longing to go back to that time you were lying on the beach, enjoying the long daylight hours and sipping drinks on the patio.

Why is it so hard to come back from a holiday? Before you left for vacation life was good, you were motivated and focused, you had a job that you loved, a great boss and group of employees who you worked with, a loving family and wonderful friends to spend your time with. Now you can barely get up in the morning to start your day, let alone to take your dog for a walk. And getting back into the office to see your overflowing inbox and hectic meeting schedule leaves you feeling overwhelmed and draws you back into that nostalgic feeling once again. How do you break free from your post-vacation hangover?

The following are four ways you can help yourself ease back into work after the summer holidays:

Plan Your Returning Work Day Before You Leave

Planning your first day or first week back before you leave for vacation will give you a structured schedule of the tasks you need to complete. It is a good idea to schedule a block of time in your day to catch yourself up and reconnect with your job in order to smoothly move forward onto your next day. This would be a good time to take care of that overflowing inbox. The benefit to preparing a schedule prior to leaving for the holidays is that you already know what to expect when you are back, therefore you can mentally prepare yourself for your first day on the plane or car ride back. You are also being more productive with your work day by following a set schedule, versus being stuck on what to do first or how to prioritize your day and in the end not accomplishing what you had needed to.

Find Back to Work Excitement

Finding something exciting to do during the evening after work, gives you something to look forward to during the day. Whether it is dinner with friends you have not seen for a while, a picnic in the park or watching the latest movie that came out in theaters, find something that will get you amped up and make it easier and more rewarding for you to get through your day.

Start Planning Your Next Vacation

Starting to plan a vacation for the future, whether it is in the near or far future, will help you to feel less nostalgic about the holiday you recently came back from and help you focus on going on your next one. Planning your next vacation early will give you the benefits of deals and discounts on early bird specials, and will also give you something to look forward to and wipe away the post vacation blues.

Focus On The Positives

Focusing on what you like most about your job or your life in general will release a positive energy making a significant difference in your day. Even your dream job will have some aspects which you may not like; but by focusing on the negative aspects you will release a negative energy and amplify those flaws, making your day more difficult. Instead, focus on the positive points of your job and focus on the parts of your job that make you happy, this positive mentality will improve the quality of your day. Always remember positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes.

Your first day back from the holidays is never easy, but as mentioned, there are ways you can help yourself ease back into work and make your first day more enjoyable. And for all those times where you are feeling nostalgic again, just remember another holiday is around the corner or if you want a fresh start this Fall, refer to Goldbeck Recruiting’s website to find out about new career opportunities or if you need help with anything recruiting, let us know here.



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