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Eliminate Revolving Door Syndrome at the Office

Posted on November 8th, by Henry Goldbeck in Career Development, Workplace Wellness. Comments Off on Eliminate Revolving Door Syndrome at the Office

Recent statistics from an ADP Canada suggest that well over half of your employees are prepared to resign from their position in order to pursue greener pastures.

The survey reveals that two thirds of flight risks will leave for better compensation, with the other two biggest reasons being better work-life balance, and opportunity for advancement.  The younger generation, particularly those under 34, are by far the most likely to leave for a more advanced role.

Of course, some amount of turnover is normal and healthy for a business, but there’s an issue if you’re routinely getting blind-sided by resignations and are having trouble keeping a full staff.

Increasing employee engagement is key to keeping your employees satisfied and productive. Here we review a few methods for minimizing turnover.


Develop the Office Culture

Before focusing on the individual employees, take a broader look at the overall workplace morale. For those who work in a highly stressful or corporate environment, it’s important to lighten the mood from time to time. Start with some quick wins like catering a lunch for the office to say thank you for a job well done, or organize some fun events like barbecues and contests to break up the work day. A Workplace Wellness program may also increase employee engagement and overall satisfaction at work.

Conduct an Annual, Anonymous Employee Survey

You can bet that dissatisfied employees have a lot to say about the place where they work, but there’s no way they will ever say it to their boss. This is where the anonymous employee survey is invaluable.

There are a number of third party companies out there that offer the service of conducting a completely anonymous employee survey to gauge employee satisfaction and identify the most common complaints.

Take action to address all issues revealed from the survey and use the following year’s survey to confirm if the issues were resolved.

Find a Solution for Each Employee

For your bored superstar, assign new and more challenging projects. If an employee has a long commute, consider making some compromises to their work schedule to help them avoid rush hour traffic.

If you have an ambitious go-getter but no opportunity to promote them, there are other ways to offer growth within the company. Perhaps you could offer them a lateral move to diversify their experience, or offer to invest in an educational course relative to the industry that will enhance their skillset.


The first critical step is to cultivate a positive work environment where employees feel that they are valuable to the organization. That being said, it is not a one-size fits all solution for increasing engagement and minimizing resignations – one needs to understand each employee’s motivations to develop a tailor-made action plan.

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