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Exit Interviews – Your New Best Friend

Posted on October 23rd, by Goldbeck Recruiting in HR Management, Interviewing Advice. Comments Off on Exit Interviews – Your New Best Friend

Let’s face it; employee departures can be awkward, painful and even intimidating at times.Exit

Exit interviews are one of the greatest ways to get feedback from your employees about the working conditions and how they felt when they did work at your organization. It’s one of the best ways company can learn and perhaps grow from this feedback. There are plenty of ways to conduct an exit interview; some employers do it face to face while others prefer a simple survey that follows a template.

How much did the job match their expectations?

First impressions are everything, when a person starts a job what they feel like on the first day is often a feeling that lingers on for a while. Understanding an employee’s day-to-day duties would help to come to term with realities and design a better job description in the future that would lead to better hires.

How well equipped did you feel to do your job well?

There are always basic tools to do your job at a workplace but sometimes you require special tools and it is the availability of these specific tools that allow you to do your job well. It often happens that companies like to keep things lean and conserve funds, especially in a startup however, if the employee felt lacking of tools they probably weren’t able to give their 100% that they otherwise would have.

What is something you could change about your job or the company?

This is perhaps one of the best ways to receive insight about what the reason was that the employee decided to move on. This question is non-confrontational and gives suggestions about how to better the organization and perhaps help make the job better for the next employee.

Would you say that the culture and goals of the company aligned with yours?

Everyone has dreams and aspirations and everyone has a culture that they follow and are comfortable in. This question allows us to understand the position the employee stands at and how we could ask better questions during the next hiring process to ensure that the candidate’s culture and personal goals align with those of the company.

Exit interviews are often skipped and some companies don’t even have a process in place to handle these. It is a highly recommended process and a fantastic way to gather information and insight on what the employees are feeling about the company and its leadership.

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