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Farewell to Isabell, German Intern with Goldbeck Recruiting Inc.

Posted on July 8th, by Henry Goldbeck in Company News, Just For Fun, Recruitment. Comments Off on Farewell to Isabell, German Intern with Goldbeck Recruiting Inc.

Today is the last day for our German Intern, Isabell Angene.  She was one of 3 German interns from Hochschule der Bundesagentur fuer Arbeit, University of Applied Labour Studies, to do a 5-week internship with Goldbeck Recruiting Inc.  Thank you Isabell for your help and filling our office with the pleasant sound of your German accent!

Goldbeck Recruiting Team with German Intern

Please remember us if Canadian Recruitment Services are needed by any German or European company.

Intern Interview with Isabell Angene by Henry Goldbeck:

Why did you choose Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. and Vancouver for your internship?

At first I have to say, that I love travelling. I’m really interested in different cultures and in new beautiful places to see. That’s the reason why I took the chance to do my internship in another part of the world. Canada is a country, which I always wished to see. The nature and the animals in Canada are some reasons for that. Furthermore I decided for an English speaking part of Canada. I think it’s always
important to improve the English, where an internship is the best opportunity to do that. I’m working at the Federal Employment Agency in Germany. I’ve never got to know the work of a private
Employment Agency and a headhunter company. That’s why I was interested of doing my internship at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. I wanted to see differences between personnel recruitment in Germany and Canada. Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. was the perfect company to learn, what I wanted to learn.

What did you like at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc.?

Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. is a great institution with amazing persons working there. They all welcomed me in such a heartily and friendly way, that I felt comfortable from this date. I love the working atmosphere at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. Everyone is hard working, helpful and open-minded, so that you are always able to see a positive group feeling, where everyone appreciate the work of the others. I really like the sense of a good cooperation and togetherness in the whole team. The Goldbeck Recruiting team enjoys their work and the people they are working with.

What did you learn at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc.?

Starting with a better knowledge of business English, there are many things I learned. It was the first time I get to know more about the work of a headhunter company, what was really interesting for me to see. The personnel recruitment process in Canada differs in many ways from the one in Germany. There are country-specific differences, like the unequal working systems or methods, like LinkedIn, what we never used in Germany.

In addition I learned, that German sweets are really favored in Canada and specially at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. Also I got to know the best restaurants in Vancouver during some nice lunches. I learned that Mexican food is very popular at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. Finally I know what TGIF means, thank god it’ Friday!

What surprised you and what was difficult?

I was surprised of the global reach of Goldbeck Recruiting Inc., which includes Western Canada, Eastern Canada, the United States, China and Asia Pacific, UAE and Africa, Europa, South America and the Caribbean. I’ve never thought that a small company like Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. could have clients all around the world. But that’s amazing! I didn’t face anything, what proved to be difficult. The only thing is the business English, what was a bit new and a bit challenging at the beginning of my internship, because I never had to use it before. But you grow with your challenges.

What do you like and what don’t you like in Vancouver?

Vancouver is a great city, where’s so much to do. Many beautiful spots in the whole area make Vancouver getting an interesting city, which you should definitely see. I love the mountains in the background of the great skyline, that’s an amazing combination. What I also really like is the multiculturalism in Vancouver, what impresses the character of this Canadian city. The only thing I didn’t like is the rainy weather during my stay. And maybe the fact, that Vancouver is a bit to far away from home, that I’m not able to visit this amazing city more often, so that I can see more things, I could’t see because of a short stay from only 5 weeks.

Isabell Angene

Thank you for such a good internship experience and a great stay at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. and Vancouver!!

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