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Glaring Stats on Seniors: Challenge or Opportunity?

Posted on February 5th, by Henry Goldbeck in Healthcare, Recruitment, Ria Inducil. Comments Off on Glaring Stats on Seniors: Challenge or Opportunity?

Senior Care Industry Experts Warns of Skill Shortages: When Demands Will Exceed Healthcare Workers

By 2021 approximately 18.5% of the population would be over the age of 65. To meet the aging population’s needs, Senior Care Facilities have and will continue to see a boom. While today’s seniors are more active than ever before, Canada’s aging population creates a challenge. An understanding of the health and social services models, providers and investments needed to meet the future demands from this aging population, is essential.

Aging Population in Canada

Stats source: Statistics Canada

In 2007, close to 3.1 million Canadians provided over 1.5 billion hours of home support and community care, this is more than 10 times the number of paid hours provided by formal home care services.

“Facilities, services and products catering to seniors are on the rise. Healthcare related educational programs and short courses are receiving record number of enrollees.”

According to the 2011 Canadian Census, 7% of seniors lived in facilities offering special senior care, such as senior residences, long-term care facilities or chronic care hospitals. This percentage increases to close to 30% for those 85 and over.

Ria Inducil is a Senior Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Recruiter, with over 14 years of experience placing medical professionals within the Healthcare industry noted the changes in the Senior Care & Healthcare job market, “businesses (small, medium to large corporations) and individuals have begun seeing the huge opportunities brought about by this extraordinary growth in the number of seniors.  Facilities, services and products catering to seniors are on the rise.  Healthcare related educational programs and short courses are receiving record number of enrollees.”

So How Does This Effect the Canadian Healthcare Job Market

There is an increase in demand for Senior Care support services. These could range from professional medical services including nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy to non-medical home support services like meal preparation, housekeeping and, driving.

In order to meet the demands of the growing number of senior care residences, we need to focus on the issues surrounding the shortage of not just medical related professions but also related support services.

The broad range of healthcare and support services is explained in this diagram from the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association Report.

Different Senior Care Positions

Current Skill Gapholding-hands

A preliminary search was completed in January 2014 of the number of job vacancies within senior care facilities on a national job board.  The results came up with 258 healthcare aid and 145 registered nurse job openings across Canada. Keep in mind this number is only from one job board and there are many more that are not advertised.  The demand is certainly there and the pressure to meet these demands is mounting. In a few years the skills shortages is likely to become more acute.

“Matching the facilities’ individual and unique needs to the right talents and skills sets is vital in order to properly meet the demands of our aging population.  We owe our parents and grandparents, quality and excellence in the kind of care we provide them in their Golden Years.  They deserve it.” Inducil, whose own mother is in her seventies and will require such services very soon, she also adds, she has seen a surge of medical and operational job openings within the senior care sector since early last year, and have helped a number of providers find healthcare professionals that match their requirements.

 Hottest Jobs within Senior Care for 2014

  • Director of Care
  • Care Manager
  • Registered Nurse (Geriatrics / Psychiatry / Palliative Care)
  • Registered Practical Nurse
  • Healthcare Aide
  • Operations  and Property Manager (Senior Care Residences)
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