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Goldbeck Recruiting in “The Cupcakes Girls”!

Posted on May 12th, by Lougie in Company News, HR Management, Job Search. 2 comments

Whoever thought that recruitment can be associated with cupcakes? Well, Goldbeck Recruiting has done it by being a recruitment consultant in a local Vancouver reality show “The Cupcake Girls”. (No, we are not looking for actors or taking auditions.) “The Cupcake Girls” is a new series on W Network about two women entrepreneurs expanding their Vancouver-based cupcake business. In Episode 13, Henry Goldbeck of Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. is asked by the owners of Original Cupcakes to help them hire a replacement for one of the partners who is soon to go on maternity leave.

The episode exemplifies the issues faced by women business owners who wish to start a new family: can I take a mat leave, how will the business run without me, and can I be replaced?
Even if you are irreplaceable in your job, there are methods you can use to help define your job responsibilities in preparation for a temporary replacement. This is not as easy as it sounds, as you will need to get consensus from your partner, colleagues and coworkers…so don’t wait until the last minute.

For a step by step process on defining your job and delegating, READ THE BLOG POST: “Who Will Do the Work While You’re Gone?”.

WATCH THE SHOW: The Cupcake Girls, Episode 13, Sun, May 16, 2010 – 9:00 PM E/P, > http://wnetwork.com/thecupcakegirls

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2 thoughts on “Goldbeck Recruiting in “The Cupcakes Girls”!

  1. GoldBeck may have the knowledge in this business but do they really care about People. I think not.

  2. Hello Chris

    That is a valid comment which raises an issue that we have thought long and hard about over the years and have tried to improve on as much as can given the nature of our business. I see the issue like this:
    Ø We receive hundreds of times more resumes then we do positions to fill so there will always be more people who we did place in jobs or even get interviews for than the opposite.
    Ø We have to make a living and only get paid when we place a candidate in a position so those candidates who fit our clients criteria get most of our attention.
    Ø It is impossible for us to give all, most or even many candidates who do not fit the criteria for positions we are currently trying fill, personal attention.
    Ø We do care about those candidates who we are not personally interviewing but are not able to portray that to the individuals very successfully given the factors listed above. I know that an automated email response is not really warm, encouraging or supportive.
    Ø We try to be honest in our communications regarding the above and not encourage unrealistic expectations.
    Ø We try to continuously improve the useful information for candidates that is on our website.
    Ø We have considered a more interactive database where it would be transparent to candidates whenever their resume was reviewed by a recruiter so that they could see that their resume was not just thrown into an electronic pile and ignored but we do not have the resources for an IT project of that size.
    Ø The response or lack of response any candidate receives from us is not personal and is not related to caring. We want to place as many people in positions as we can and do our best to do that. If a candidate’s resume is a possible fit for a position we will camp on their doorstep to speak with them. If it is not we will get them into our database for future reference. That is just how this business works.
    Ø Some people make the argument that it is not possible to tell from a resume, that we should meet with them. I disagree with that. In 99% of the time you can tell from the resume if that candidate is a possible fit and worth speaking to regarding a particular position. It has nothing to do with personal attributes or character or ability to learn etc. If our client has mandated us to find then a rocket scientist we are not going to present them with a brain surgeon, even it is the best brain surgeon in the world. If we did we would get fired.


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