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Goldbeck Recruiting Launches Job Listings RSS Feed

Posted on January 6th, by Lougie in Company News, Job Search. Comments Off on Goldbeck Recruiting Launches Job Listings RSS Feed

Company News – Jan 6, 2014

Goldbeck Recruting Inc., a leading recruitment and executive search firm in Vancouver, BC, is happy to announce the launch of its new Job Listing RSS Feed.  This new feature on Goldbeck’s website is another effort to make the job search easier for applicants.

The Job Listing RSS Feed will provide instant notifications of new job postings in realtime.  Job seekers can subscribe to the Feed from Goldbeck’s website www.goldbeck.com under the “JOB SEEKERS” section.  The direct URL to the Job Listing RSS Feed is http://www.goldbeck.com/rss.xml.

What is RSS?

RSS (Rich Site Summary), also referred to as Real Simple Syndication, is a web format for publishing online content that is consistently changing or being updated.  RSS is commonly used for news-related sites, weblogs, blogs, and other web publications.  The main benefit to the user is that it delivers updated content automatically without the user having to manually visit the website and search for this new information.

RSS Feed Readers

To subscribe or to access a website’s RSS Feed, you need a RSS Feed Reader.  There are a number of RSS Feed Readers available for download on computers and mobile devices.  Simply search “RSS Feed Reader” on Google and select one that is compatible with your operating system and device.

Job Opportunities

Subscribe now to http://www.goldbeck.com/rss.xml to obtain notifications on job opportunities in sales & marketing, construction & engineering, operations & production, healthcare & biotech, accounting & finance, information technology, industrial & B2B, human resources, mining, oil & gas, agriculture & forestry, and consumer products.


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