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Goldbeck Welcomes Their New Intern, Patricia Belinski

Posted on September 29th, by Henry Goldbeck in Company News, Just For Fun, Recruitment. Comments Off on Goldbeck Welcomes Their New Intern, Patricia Belinski

My name is Patricia Belinski, I’m 31 and I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I am here working and studying North American Business Management at Capilano University.


Have you been to other countries before coming to Canada?

I left Brazil 3 years ago to live in Dublin, Ireland. During this 3 years I had the opportunity to travel to many countries in Europe. Since I love travelling, every time I had the chance I would fly to a different country and that was the best thing about living in Europe. My favorite ones are Italy and Portugal, because of the weather and food! Besides Europe, I have lived in the US for 1 year and have visited some places in South America as well.

What is the purpose of your internship?

I have to opt a concentration in the post-graduate business diploma I am taking at Capilano University and I am going to choose Human Resources. Therefore, this internship at Goldbeck is an opportunity to learn about recruiting and the Canadian business environment. It is a good experience!

Why did you choose Canada for your internship?

I have friends who have lived here before and they all love Canada. Canada is a wonderful country with beautiful landscapes and friendly people. So, my friends and some pictures have inspired me to come to Vancouver . And the weather – less rain than Dublin! 🙂

Are there any tourist locations in Vancouver that you’re excited to visit?

I have walked around the city and, so far, I am in love with everything I saw. I am very excited to go to Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain  and Capilano Suspension Bridge. I am also excited to see the beautiful colors of  Autumn – my favorite season.

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