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Guide to Sales in a Digital World

Posted on February 2nd, by Goldbeck Recruiting in Career, Industry Resources, Recruitment, Sales & Marketing. Comments Off on Guide to Sales in a Digital World

startup-photosIts 2016, humans are more connected with one another than they have ever been in the past. With the prevalence of the Internet and advent of smartphones we have reached a point in our society where we are constantly surrounded by screens that are connected to the Internet and everyone around the world.

The last decade has called for a massive shift in our day to day lives.

Empowered Consumers

We see this shift in sales processes where cold-calling is almost non-existent with sales gearing towards more inbound than outbound lead generation.  We are changing the way we purchase and even approach potential customers. Consumers are more empowered and informed than ever before. When they walk into a store they have done their research and compared a product or service with an alternate or a competitor’s product or service. If a salesperson isn’t equally prepared, they would be at a disadvantage and are likely to lose the sale.

Human Interaction

The best way to approach sales in a digital world would be to split the task at different phases of the buying cycle.

The first point of contact of a customer should be a well experience guide what should be able to help the customer in completing the purchase. This is perhaps one of the most vulnerable phases of the cycle where the customer can pack up and leave at any time if they feel something isn’t right or feel pressured.

At this point every engagement with the customer needs to have a human touch, ensuring that the customer feels comfortable and has no concerns and all their questions are answered without leading them on.

Clear Cut Explanation

The customer has made contact and wants to know or about the product or service in question. This is where all the customer’s questions get answered and is informed about various value added services that come along with the product or service. It could be various things like: How-to videos, FAQs, and more. This is where you focus on what sets your brand apart from the competitors and other alternates.

Emphasize on your competitive edge and world class position. In this day and age, a lot of still customers expect customer service after they are done purchasing. This is something to focus on as well.

Leverage Personal Relationships

One of the most important skills of a great salesperson is the ability to leverage personal relationships and knowledge of the client’s internal operations. This will help you navigate and up-sell a product line while also managing to secure exclusives as a sales consultant if you play the opportunities right. These are some of the hard to train skills and not easily replaceable by a computer. This is a great skill to have in a digital world.

When done successfully, you can integrate yourself into the company’s key functions as a sales consultant and engage in “Problem-finding”. This would help you stay safe from changing technology and buying behavior. You will be able to easily leverage these disruptions, since you understand your customer’s problems better and can guide them in the right direction.

These are some tips to help you navigate a sale in the world of digital sales.


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