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Does Headhunting Still Work?

Posted on March 24th, by Goldbeck Recruiting in Career, HR Management, Job Search, Recruitment. Comments Off on Does Headhunting Still Work?

New Recruits | Photo Credit: W_Minshull (Flickr)

New Recruits | Photo Credit: W_Minshull (Flickr)

The Internet and social media have revolutionized the process of recruitment.  All companies now have access to the same large pool of potential candidates through professional social networks such as LinkedIn.  This leads to the question of whether there are still benefits to having an outside recruitment agency do the headhunting for you.

The process of headhunting may have changed with the digital revolution, but the underlying principles have not.

 Why Headhunting Still Works for Companies:

  • Hiring a headhunter saves you time and money – the headhunter does all the leg work for you to find the perfect candidate for the job.
  • Headhunters often match the candidate’s work ethic and also look for the perfect culture match.
  • Headhunters have a database of candidates that they have collected for a number of years and also are able to tap into their own ever growing network to find you the perfect candidate.
  • Headhunters often approach eligible candidates that are hired in a crossover industry or even your competitor.
  • Headhunters often omit your company’s name in any ad or any communication up until the interview; this means that candidates can’t tailor their resumes to impress the company.

Working with a headhunter can often prove successful even for a candidate.

 Why Headhunting Works for Candidates:

  • Headhunters approach suitable candidates, you may not be looking for a new job but are likely to get a better opportunity if you have the necessary experience under the belt.
  • Headhunters do the legwork for you and push your application to the employer.
  • Employers are more likely to be impressed if you are backed by a headhunter.
  • Headhunters often have a great network of companies in industries you may have never heard of, these hidden jobs are sometimes what you need to give your career that extra boost.

To say the least, headhunting can still benefit both employers and candidates.  While the company sees benefits in terms of cost savings and a better quality candidate, the candidate sees benefits in terms of a better career opportunity, better pay, and assistance in marketing themselves.

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