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Henry Goldbeck’s Interview with News1130

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Chief Executive Officer

What Do CEOs Do and Why Are They Paid So Much?

When Translink appointed a high paying CEO last month, Henry Goldbeck was asked to share some thoughts as to what is it that CEOs do and why do they deserve to paid in such large numbers.

Henry believes that a well competent CEO needs to have the high level knowledge and have the ability to manage thousands of people and billions of dollars. “The ability to carry the weight of that responsibility is not easy and most people, it would break them,” says Henry Goldbeck.

“Everything is going through you, and to have delegated it in such a way that it’s all happening according to the way you want it to happen takes a tremendous amount of personal poise,” adds Henry.

As far as being paid $35,000 a month, Goldbeck says the pool of successful people at that level is small — so they’re paid the market rate. Henry also notes that a CEO is constantly overseeing everything and it’s not a laid-back job, as some may think.

Follow the link below to hear more of Henry’s thoughts of what makes a CEO.

Source: News1130

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