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Best Practices: Recruitment Strategies For Small and Startup Firms

mobile software

About The Company
My client is a startup mobile software development firm from Silicon Valley and moved to Vancouver in 2013. They service to Fortune 500 companies and have a stellar team of former employees of giant tech companies such as Google, Microsoft and Adobe.


To further their growth, they needed to hire a Director of Sales. This new role would be responsible for the development of major multi-national accounts across Canada.

Experience Before Goldbeck Recruiting

  1. They had difficulties finding the caliber of talent that they were accustomed to in Silicon Valley within the local market.
  2. Mobile software is a narrow niche and, although growing, the demands of talent far exceed the local talent pool. Finding sales reps who understand mobile software technology is especially difficult due to the needs of a combination of soft skills and technology understanding
  3. While the company is profitable, it is still a startup. Startups require employees with entrepreneurial drive, adaptability to change and a high level of flexibility and, this combination is hard to find.

Experience Using Goldbeck Recruiting

Recruitment Strategies for Small Sized and Startups

Define a Candidate Profile

Helping the CEO clarify his recruitment goals and translating that into measurable objectives was an important first step. For example, they needed someone with “good sales experience”, a very generic and vague requirement.

Startup and small sized firms looking to attract candidates, it is important to build an employer brand.
By quantifying “good sales experience” with sales numbers, we were able to define the qualification.

Startup and small sized firms looking to attract candidates, it is important to build an employer brand. We created a job posting which reflects the culture and as well highlight the company’s key objectives for this role. Along with a company profile that accentuated their great qualities, made this startup mobile firm a preferred employer.

Shortlist Candidates with a Range of Experience Levels

During the selection process, a shortlist of candidates with various experience levels, accomplishments and compensation range was presented to illustrate what top performers are capable of producing at different salary levels. This provided the client snapshots of the available talent in the local market, helping him determine where in the spectrum his ideal new hire would be and their respective compensation expectation.

Adjust to the Local Market

Many out of town clients seek advice on local market compensation ranges. Having just moved from Silicon Valley, they needed information on salary ranges and recommendations on a compensation structure for sales people that will be attractive and motivating for the short and long run.

As a recruiter a big part of my job is to help companies identify qualities which were not listed on a resume

Recognize Potential

People very easily dismiss profiles on first glance if it does not fulfill all their “ideal” requirements. As a recruiter a big part of my job is to help companies identify qualities which were not listed on a resume. Help them look beyond their checklist and present them with opportunities they may have initially overlooked and would still fulfill their key qualifications.

Analyze the Search Process

Candidate profiles were presented with a summary, detailing their qualification, accomplishments and salary expectations. In addition, a summary of the scope of the search including obstacles identified during my search and an explanation of what avenues was used to overcome these challenges. The comprehensive analysis of the search process gave my client confidence that we have done our due diligence.

What’s Next

A new Director of Sales was placed within 8 weeks. Having this role filled allowed the CEO more time look after other company obligations including new product development, selection of office space, attending to other business development opportunities.



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