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Make Your Resume Stand Out

Posted on May 11th, by Henry Goldbeck in Job Search. Comments Off on Make Your Resume Stand Out

The answer depends on your situation and on what position you are applying to.

1.  Strategic Choice of Information

Strategically you need to decide what you want the viewer to see. I recently met a young woman with a master’s degree in engineering who wanted a technical sales position. My advice to her was to reduce the amount of engineering info on her resume and find ways to repeat and reemphasize her sales aptitude and qualifications. A potential employer of technical sales people is not going to be concerned about whether or not she is a great engineer, just whether she can function as a sales person. Her engineering skills will be assumed to be sufficient in most cases.

So if it is sales ability, stability, legitimate interest in the position, operational results, size or scope of responsibility or any combination of these or other facets of your experience, you should decide what is most important for an employer to know about you and then — to apply Dale Carnegies advice regarding public speaking to your resume — tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them.

2. Achievements With Numbers

The other thing that is most helpful in a resume is having solid, quantifiable achievements in whatever your field is. So if you reduced costs, then by how much, increased sales, improved margins, opened a new territory, improved customer satisfaction etc, then put it point form with the numbers.  This is extremely effective.

If you are a rocket scientist and they are looking for a brain surgeon or vice versa then your resume is not going to help. But if you are close to the qualifications required then the more that your resume clearly shows your strong points, the better chance you will have of getting an interview.

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Henry E. Goldbeck, President of Goldbeck Recruiting Inc, is a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and founded Goldbeck Recruiting in 1997. Since then, Henry has built the company's reputation as a leading headhunter and recruitment agency in sales, marketing, operations, engineering, and executive level positions across a variety of industries.

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