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Improving Work Environment with Charity

Posted on December 1st, by Goldbeck Recruiting in HR Management. Comments Off on Improving Work Environment with Charity

Giving to those in need is one of the best things you can do. It is by far one of the most rewarding tasks and it genuinely makes you feel happy.Donate Money

Numerous studies show that charitable giving creates a happy environment and when given collectively, there is a huge lift in morale among the participants. Happy employees are more productive, stick around longer and are more proactive in the organization.

Team Building and Charity

Companies can motivate employees to work together by setting a goal to give to a charitable organization at the end of the goal or even have a company wide fundraiser where employees take charge and participate in events. Employees can work on soft skills while giving back to the community and thereby improving themselves and the world around them.

Charity Improves Work Life and Environment.

Many charity runs and events often involve workouts and exercise. Working out has known to improve mood and the feelings of pleasure and happiness. Reaction times increase, and you feel stronger both physically and mentally.

A lot of companies these days have fitness and wellness programs that focus on both physical and mental health of their employees. When incorporated with a charity, these programs can benefit ten folds. You improve the mood in the company, while improving the life of many with your efforts in charity.

Fitness activities around the office can be encouraged too by rewarding employees where there would be a charitable outcome to every milestone that an employee reaches. Example: 15,000 steps a day would mean x amount of dollars will be donated to a charity of choice.

Christmas Charity drives are another fun way to bring the employees and community together and it’s perfect for this season of year.

Perhaps this can be furthered into a program that enhances the work environment by making it a social activity – where the employee with the most steps or lunges wins a prize at the end of the week. This would encourage healthy competition while supporting a good cause.

“It’s common sense that a common goal shared interested inspires teamwork, especially when done for a cause rather than money or self interest. Charity work brings employees together and motivates employees, improves loyalty and work satisfaction while doing something really good. However, the employee should not feel coerced into participating, it has to be a cause they believe in and genuinely feel for.” – Henry Goldbeck.

Selecting a Charity

Picking the right charity can be a task, however, always choose to involve your employees as this would give them a heightened sense of ownership at the company and a deeper connection with the chosen cause.

At Goldbeck Recruiting, one of our favourite charity is Plan Canada. However, if you need help in picking the right charity organization, perhaps a visit to charityintelligence.ca (Canada only) would help or if you are in the States, Charity Navigator is a great website to find reputable and functional charity organizations.

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