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The Interview Question You Don’t Want to be Stumped for: What Can You Bring to This Role?

Posted on November 15th, by Henry Goldbeck in HR Management, Interviewing Advice. Comments Off on The Interview Question You Don’t Want to be Stumped for: What Can You Bring to This Role?

job-alerts-novemberWhat Can You Bring to This Role?

In every interview, there’s that one question that can make or break you: Why should I hire you over the other candidates? This is the question you should be prepared to answer above all others because it’s your chance to really sell yourself to the employer.

Choosing Your Answer

Although there’s no one right answer as it depends on what your strengths are and the role you’re applying for, here are just a few examples of how to answer:

You’re AnalyticalYou have the ability to analyze data, policies, laws, outlines, and produce or refine an action plan.

You’re Technical You’re proficient in computers and are well-versed in the latest office technology.

You Think Outside the BoxYou use creativity to find new solutions and create new initiatives.

You’re a DiplomatNo matter what the challenge is, you maintain the attitude that there’s always a solution. You can negotiate and optimally communicate both positive and negative results or information.

You’re a WorkhorseYou’re the kind of person who will get the job done no matter what it takes.

You’re HumbleThere’s always a more efficient way to do something. You accept criticism and use it to learn and grow.

You’ve Got Great InstinctsYou have a proven track record of making good decisions in tough situations.

Avoiding Pitfalls

In addition to recognizing your strengths, there are a few other things to remember when answering the question in order to make an optimal impression:

Make it About You – Many candidates find themselves praising a company instead of explaining the long-term benefits they will provide the employer, and how they see themselves growing. Make sure you stress the specific benefits to the company if you’re hired, and avoid rehashing the features from your resume.

Make it Relevant – Your answer should be tailored to the type of job you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying for an engineering role, you could stress how your creative thinking is ideal for creating high quality designs.

Make it Focused – You want to make sure your answer is detailed enough, but keep it focused around your three strongest attributes that are most related to the role. List more than three attributes and you risk sounding like a know-it-all.


It’s your time to shine when this question is asked, so don’t be afraid to boast a little! No matter what role you’re applying for, if you are well prepared and maintain a positive, confident attitude, you will be sure to impress in an interview.

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