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Why Leaders Lose Motivation: Feeling Overwhelmed

Posted on March 6th, by Lougie in HR Management, Leadership. Comments Off on Why Leaders Lose Motivation: Feeling Overwhelmed

What do you do when you, as a leader, lose your motivation because you feel overwhelmed? How do you motivate your employees if you are not motivated yourself? This a common issue among business owners and senior executives that can be solved with the help of an Executive Coach.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s Why…

 In today’s information age, population and technology have been growing exponentially. According to statistics, between 1900 and 1950 human knowledge doubled; from 1950 to 1975 it doubled again; and now they are saying it is doubling every 900 days. By 2020, global knowledge is predicted to double every 72 days!

Think of how much information a leader or an executive has to deal with in their job. The bigger the organization is, the more information leaders need to filter and process. And more factors come into play such what to retain, what to delegate, and what can be dismissed. So of course all these factors will lead to potential stresses and challenges.

The Effects on The Organization When A Leader is Overwhelmed

Analysis Paralysis

In some cases, executives may get so overwhelmed by information that it leads to “Analysis Paralysis”: the state of over-thinking a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome (Wikipedia). In this case, the entire organization is effected and growth is halted. The danger is that the leader may be shortening their own tenure with the company, or even the lifespan of the company.

Over Control

Another situation may be that when leaders are unsure how others will deal with each piece of information, they choose to handle everything on their own. Peers and employees can perceive this as mistrust in their capabilities, and so affecting the leaders’ relationships within the company.

Loss of motivation due to a leader being overwhelmed will affect relationships with both employees and customers, and in the end, will affect the company’s growth.

An executive coach can help leaders understand and work through these challenges.

What An Executive Coach Would Do In These Situations

Help Leaders Think Out Of The Box

We live in a time where the companies require people to have creativity, think critically, and analyze situations. In order to get the brain thinking out of the box, an executive coach would ask the leader some powerful questions that would result in more creative thinking. Creative thinking is a skill that executive coaching can help develop in leaders so that they can filter through and decide on how to handle the vast amounts of daily information.

In some cases it would mean having the leader change their mind set. It helps if the leader is ready for a stage of change. An executive coach can guide leaders through this change process.

Teach Leaders How to Develop and Coach Others

In order for leaders to focus on more important aspects of their job, rather than controlling every thing, they need to learn how to develop and coach people. Executive coaches can teach leaders coaching skills as well as how to develop employees to take on further responsibilities. In other words, executive coaching can teach leaders how to create new leaders. And with the delegation of tasks to these new leaders, an executive coach can help leaders learn to rely and trust others to handle the work effectively.

Article Source:
Adapted from an interview with Rommel Catalan, of Catalan Coaching.

About Rommel Catalan:
Mr. Catalan is a licensed trainer for Coaching Out Of The Box, a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) from Royal Roads University and a member of the International Coach Federation. He empowers and challenges leaders to stretch and reach their potential to know one self and lead from within. He is also an internal Coach within Provincial Heath Services Authority (PHSA) and an external coach in Catalan Coaching.


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