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Making The Most of Alberta’s Unemployed Workforce:  What BC Employers Need to Know

Posted on May 12th, by Kevin Leh in Engineering, Industry Resources, Kevin Leh, Person. Comments Off on Making The Most of Alberta’s Unemployed Workforce:  What BC Employers Need to Know

ConstructionExperienced Managers Are Displaced and Young Workers Are Underemployed

Recent job losses in Central Canada have had a positive and negative effect on BC’s labour force.  Particularly due to Alberta’s economic slump, there are many experienced operations managers, superintendents, plant managers, and construction managers considering making a change as poorly performing companies will look to cut staffing costs and shuffle the remaining employees around.  Even young people with jobs struggle with job quality, low wage growth, job insecurity, and high debt loads.  Insecurity and anxiety reign as workers cycle through temporary contracts or part-time jobs.

BC is one of Canada’s Top Provinces for Job Growth

As BC’s economy remains strong, its companies are hungry to fill positions, particularly in forestry, construction, and energy.  Resilient activity in BC’s construction industry is drawing skilled workers back to the province and more and more young people are entering trades according to the 2016 Construction Industry survey released in April. Employment in BC increased 3.2% in the last 12 months to March, making the province Canada’s top performer when it comes to job growth over the period.  Wood manufacturing and Oil & Gas are some of BC’s top growing industries with an average 5.5% and 5.3% annual growth. As environmental practices improve, we see a corresponding growth in the Waste Management and Remediation industry. It consistently has been a growth leader in BC with 8.9% average growth annually.

Some BC Employers Still Hold a Stigma Against Jobless Candidates

Despite BC’s labour supply shortage, not all BC employers are rushing to fill needed positions with Alberta’s displaced workers.  HR managers are reluctant to hire unemployed managers for two reasons:  The first being the stigma attached to jobless candidates.  One can never be sure if the reason for the unemployment is the economy or other reasons.  The second reason is that a good portion of those workers returning to BC from Alberta may have been a transient worker originating from BC.  As soon as Alberta’s economy improves, workers may return due to higher salaries and the lower cost of living.

 BC Employers Can Benefit From Hiring From Alberta’s Unemployed Workforce

A large number of BC companies, however, have taken advantage of Alberta’s recently unemployed workforce.  According to a survey by the BC Construction Association, 45% of large employers and 40% of medium-sized employers in B.C.’s construction industry reported hiring a worker last year that came directly from working in Alberta’s oil and gas sector.

Kevin Leh, Senior Recruiter for Engineering, Construction, and Operations at Goldbeck Recruiting has attested that respectable talent is available coming from Alberta.  “It is times like this that companies require the skills of a good recruiter,” says Kevin.  “It is our job to weed out the best talent from a large pool of unemployed managers, and to communicate with the client to eliminate any discrimination towards jobless candidates.”

Goldbeck Recruiting’s Engineering, Construction, & Operations Division is one of the strongest divisions for professional and senior management recruitment.











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Kevin Leh

Engineering & Operations Recruiter at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc.
Kevin Leh is the Operations and Engineering Recruiter at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc and brings a wealth of experience and talent to the team with a niche focus in technical positions within civil and commercial construction, logistics and industrial manufacturing industries.

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