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Motivation to Work During the Summer

Posted on June 21st, by Henry Goldbeck in HR Management, Job Search. 3 comments

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Flexible Summer Hours

Summer is here, if you are like me, spending a few hours sitting in my desk, staring out at the blue sky wishing I was outside; rest assured there are many just like us. It is difficult motivating employees during the summer season. A recent survey of 48% out of 477 organizations offer flexible summer hours and, 70% out of the 48% reported they do not have flexible hours throughout the rest of the year.

The Practice:
The most common flexible summer schedule involves adding a few extra hours Monday – Thursday in order to leave earlier on Friday. Whether this be working through your lunch hour or coming in early.

Other companies let employees off at 3 PM on Fridays during the summer as a reward for all the overtime employees have worked during the year. Make no mistake, there are no freebies, all the work hours have been accounted for.

It may not always be slower during the summer, having adequate staff to ensure productivity levels are maintained will be tricky when flexible summer hours are involved. Of employers that offer summer hours 54% have a company wide policy and 46% require approval from managers.

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