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NY Times: Older People Are Finding Work, but What Kind?

Posted on September 2nd, by Henry Goldbeck in Job Search, Recruitment. Comments Off on NY Times: Older People Are Finding Work, but What Kind?

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This is an interesting article on how age affects the type of positions that people are commonly hired into.  It only discusses a short list of jobs, probably the most numerically common. The writer does not mention less common jobs where the average candidate is over the age of 50; such as, CEO, Production Manager, COO, CFO, VP Sales, etc.  In our experience, placing individuals over the age of 50 has become more common than when I started recruitment over 30 years ago.  50 is truly the new 40 in that regard.  However, the 50+ year old needs to present themselves as energetic, ambitious and current in terms of business practices and technology.  These attributes are just as important regardless of the age of the candidate, but are assumed in a younger candidate and questioned in an older candidate – just as stability, for example, would be questioned in a younger candidate and assumed in an older candidate.  At Goldbeck Recruiting, we will always present candidates with the requisite skills and experience for the position regardless of age, gender, race or other personal factors.  We find that great candidates for positions are most often recognized as such by our employers regardless of what the expected, or common profile, for the position may be.


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