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Are Performance Reviews a Dead Zombie Walking?

Posted on November 24th, by Goldbeck Recruiting in HR Management. Comments Off on Are Performance Reviews a Dead Zombie Walking?

Performance Reviews are a dying process all across corporate North America.  This process often lets employers score their employees to rank them amongst their peers based on their

Teamwork and Team Spirit | Flickr

Teamwork and Team Spirit | Flickr

performance on a yearly basis.

While performance reviews are great for keeping track of employees and ensuring their accountability they tend to cause more problems than solve. This process allows managers to cover all bases and train employees to do the minimum to achieve the next level; however it fails to motivate employees to go above and beyond. Sometimes even the most positive feedback can be misinterpreted into a negative one and things go spiraling down quickly after.

The only effective method to nurture high performing employees is by having managers coach them and give them more responsibility. With performance reviews, any action is limited to managing performance but fails to actually develop it.

Why the Change?

“Performance management when practiced as a rule-based, bureaucratic process, existing as an end in itself rather than actually supporting individual and team performance is detrimental.

Today’s employees want frequent feedback, open communication, and collaboration with their peers and supervisors.  Constant, open communication signifies the equality, dignity and respect with which individuals today want and expect to be retreated.” says Henry Goldbeck.

There is also the added cultural shift in the Millennial and Gen Z employees, a culture shift caused by the internet. This generation, just like me, grew up with the internet and has information available at fingertips. Because of this cultural shift, today’s Millennial and Gen Z employees tend to look at their managers for coaching and mentorship instead of looking up at them as experts in certain subject areas just as their predecessors did. This was confirmed in a recent report by UNC’s Kenan-Flager Business School too.

Focus on Future, Not The Past.

Performance reviews tend to look at the employees’ performance in the past year but not the future. As more and more employees prefer real time and more often feedback, the need for performance reviews is abolished. Employers and managers must work towards setting goals and objectives for employees to work towards; goals that would help both the company and the individual grow in the future.

More frequent feedback allows managers to have a more comprehensive picture of the employee’s performance and thereby helping the managers to coach the employees accordingly.

What does the Future Hold for Performance Reviews?

At Goldbeck Recruiting, we believe that more companies will do away with the archaic process of performance review and instead turn to simpler and more frequent feedbacks while continuing to coach and mentor their employees.

However, we have to understand that things like these can take a while to change and that it is only possible by slowly and gradually changing by providing ongoing feedback and working towards a common goal while building more meaningful workplace relationships.

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