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Projected Wage Growth in Canada’s Accounting Sectors

Posted on November 7th, by Karen Epp in Finance, HR Management, Human Resources, Karen Epp, Recruitment. Comments Off on Projected Wage Growth in Canada’s Accounting Sectors

Accounting is a vast industry and it has been growing at a rapid pace in Canada. In this post we look at growth of the Canadian Job Market and the trends in Accounting.Growth in Accounting


As we see above, the weekly wage in Canada has been at an increase at a steady pace, it should be mentioned that this raise has been over the inflation rate.

In the above infograph we even looked at the in-market segment growth and we see a decent bump in starting salaries in 2014. Among the most, we saw a good 18% bump in the position of Corporate Accountant, 12% in the position of Auditor, 9% in the position of Analyst and 7% in the position of Public Accountant and don’t forget about the projected growth in the top financial positions that will be in demand in 2015. Positions such as Controller, Payroll Admin and Financial Analyst are always needed across firms. Market growth and economic growth at an all time high, it just makes more sense that way. Keep in mind these are average figures and real world figures will differ. Variables such as company size, industry and the level of experience/education are often the primary factors that impact the salary.

Karen Epp, our recruiter who handles all Finance and Accounting jobs believes that these numbers in some cases is much higher than what you see in the infograph. Karen says that Corporate Accountants tend to be designated accounts and as such the typical starting wage is around $60,000-$65,000 while even going up to $70,000-$85,000 in some case an almost 100% jump from the figures mentioned above.

Internal Auditors are also Designated Accountants with about 3-5 years of experience in their bag in Public Practice and Karen has seen starting wages at around $70,000 and again above our mentioned average in the infograph.

Public Accountants tend to be students and their starting wages are usually around $40,600. But all in all it is evident that starting wages are on the rise and are continuing to grow. We would love to hear what are your thoughts on the starting wages that Karen talks about. Do you agree with Karen?

We at Goldbeck Recruiting are quite excited for 2015 and looking forward to this growth. Are you?

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Karen Epp

Finance & Accounting Recruiter at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc.
Karen Epp, CPC is the Senior Finance and Accounting Recruiter at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc and brings over twenty years of experience recruiting professionals in Accounting, Finance, Insurance, Banking, and Human Resources. One of the advantages of working with Karen in your search for Accounting Professionals is the extensive long standing relationships with candidates and reputable clients.

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