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How to Promote Fitness at Work

Posted on June 25th, by Goldbeck Recruiting in HR Management, Just For Fun. Comments Off on How to Promote Fitness at Work

Yesterday was the first day of summer, while most started to prepare for their beach body well in advance, there are some of us falling shortly behind that goal. We take a look at few ways you could promote a healthy lifestyle at work. It’s simpler than it sounds.

Stop. Drop. Walk.

Perhaps one of the simplest way to take a step toward a healthy lifestyle at work is to stop, drop and walk about the office or if policies permit, perhaps around the block. Sitting in one position is often not recommended but unfortunately a desk job requires that you do. To combat this, a walk is a simple yet great way to be active. Fresh air is a bonus to help you feel energized and more productive in your tasks.

Healthy Snacking

Promoting healthy snacks at work while avoiding sugary foods and soda can help a lot. It is a fact that we tend to consume most of our calories via drinks and not substantial food. A little fruit basket in the kitchen can go a long way and promote others to bring in their choice of fruit. Fruits have natural sugar and can give you the boost you need while giving you essential fibers and vitamins. Alternatively, a blender/juicer could be kept in the kitchen to promote fresh juices instead.

Simple WorkoutsSquats at work.

Technically, you can’t work out in the office, unless you’re Dwight Schrute from The Office. simple workouts that you could do at your desk or stretching exercises can help a lot to alleviate fatigue and improve muscle flexibility.

Promote Practicing Fitness

Employees can be motivated by using various incentives like financial bonuses, trips etc. This promotes not just a healthy workplace but also competitiveness among the staff; a great way to build team relationships and have healthy employees.

Host Team building Events around Fitness

With the fantastic weather we have been having lately, it is a great idea to plan a company retreat and go hiking, kayaking etc and having various team building exercises for the employees to complete.

Standing Desks

Instead of opting for desks that require you to use while seated, it is a good option to invest in standing desks – these are built to be used while standing, this promotes more mobility and encourages staff to walk around to get simple tasks done. In fact, Karen, our recruiter has lately built her own little standing desk. Great job there Karen.

An additional benefit of promoting a healthy lifestyle is lesser medical benefits expenses with premiums being much lower .

These are merely some ways to get you started; do you have a fitness program at your work that has everyone involved? Let us know and we can add it here.

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