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Recruiters as Orchestra Conductors

Posted on August 20th, by Goldbeck Recruiting in Recruitment. Comments Off on Recruiters as Orchestra Conductors

Orchestral Conducting

Eduardo Marturet

You could look at recruiters as orchestra conductors; they help you with choosing and bringing together diverse set of people and capabilities to harmonize and address organizational challenges.

An orchestra conductor is not a professional at playing each instrument, rather he or she is an expert at finding musicians who are experienced in playing the violin, trumpet and piano, and together they produce beautiful music. Orchestra conductors are guiding the orchestras they conduct. This can be applied to any specific field and industry, for example, a mining company. The manager of that mining company does not have to be an expert in accounting, finance, computer systems/IT, instead they can bring together talented, skilled and knowledgeable individuals who are experts in those fields and together they address organizational challenges. So why not hire a recruiter to not only help you choose and bring together the most skilled candidates but to also find the right fit into your specific industry and organizational culture.

The steps taken by an orchestra conductor before a musical performance are very similar to that of a recruiter. The orchestra conductor begins by selecting the music to be performed and studies the musical piece in order to see how it could be best interpreted. After the musical arrangement has been made, the conductor then listens to each musician and assigns parts based on playing abilities, tests and practices with the orchestra as a whole and then performs the piece. Similar to that of an orchestra conductor, as a recruiter we study the job description we have been given and listen to our client to help us choose the most skilled and right fit candidate for the role. After the role has been identified, we look for strong potential candidates and test them through an interview process before presenting them to our client.

Hiring a recruiter benefits you in many ways, here are three reasons why. Recruiters have the ability to seek a broader range of candidates through their databases and networks,  they have significant reach. Hiring a recruiter can save you the time and money, it frees up the valuable time of the company and avoids any costly recruiting mistake. A recruiter also has the capacity to attract interest from potential candidates that may be hesitant to speak to a company directly. To read more about the benefits of hiring a recruiter, check out our previous article.

At Goldbeck Recruiting we have been helping companies fill challenging positions that require a unique combination of skills, professionalism and industry background for over 15 years. Our team comprises of recruiters knowledgeable in specific fields and industries. We can help you find strong potential employees in the following industries of expertise: manufacturing, construction, healthcare & biotech, mining, oil & gas, agriculture & forestry, industrial products and consumer goods.

Contact us here if you are ready to allow the recruiters at Goldbeck Recruiting to help harmonize your company.                                                                                                                               






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