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Recruiting in a Social Media World

Posted on April 15th, by Goldbeck Recruiting in Career, Career Development, HR Management, Recruitment. Comments Off on Recruiting in a Social Media World

Social Media

Wherever we go today we are surrounded by different screens –  a computer, a tablet, a  smartphone and soon a smartwatch. Almost everyone is constantly checking emails, Facebook notifications and Tweets on the go.

As such, things have changed in the way we recruit and how candidates apply for jobs. One of the most apparent ways is with the use of Social Media. Social Media can be used by both companies and individuals to find the right fit.

Using Social Media as a Tool To Recruit:

Posting Job Ads is Easier and Can be Fine Tuned as Per the Job.

Social media provides inexpensive ways to target specified audiences based on age, location or specific keywords. These ads will only show to those that match the particular criteria therefore weeding out those that wouldn’t qualify to begin with.

Get to Know a Candidate Before the Interview

Social Media allows recruiters to get to know a candidate before even inviting them for an interview by simply looking up their profiles on various networks. This allows more focused efforts to find the right candidate for the right job.

Building Your Brand Image

Social Media is not exclusively to advertise job openings, use this opportunity to reach masses about the work you do and how it impacts the society. This allows you to attract top quality candidates instead of you going out to find them.

How Candidates Can Use Social Media to find their dream job

Follow Companies that You Like on Twitter and Facebook

Companies often post about their job openings and new projects on social media; this is the perfect time you would want to get your resume in. This shows the company that you are enthusiastic and willing to work.

Hashtags are Your best friends

Promote yourself using hashtags, some employers search for talent with keywords and hashtags. You just might find that the dream job you have been waiting for all your life will find you.

Be Active

Be active on social media by sharing links and posting comments, this allows you to be easily seen in the eyes of the employers. A lot of people these days get hired simply because of their passion to connect with people, sharing interesting links and adding to the conversation. Keep in mind to always be respectful to everyone online while you do so.

These are some ways you can use social media to boost your online presence.

As a modern recruiting agency, we have our hands in every bit of the internet and have access to top talents from around the world, Contact Us to see how we can help you find the next star player in your team.

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