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Recruiting Fundamentals

Posted on November 29th, by Karen Epp in Company News. Comments Off on Recruiting Fundamentals

Karen Epp of Goldbeck Recruiting comments on some fundamentals Recruiters may want to know.

1.) What are some shortcuts recruiters start using once they’ve been in the game for a while?

1. “Many quit replying to applicants.

2. Stopping the search once you have several suitable candidates.

3 Not keeping records of your … Read More »

What Drew You To A Recruiting Career?

Posted on November 8th, by Henry Goldbeck in Company News, Just For Fun. Comments Off on What Drew You To A Recruiting Career?

In response to question by Reporter, Matthew Kosinski: “Why Did You Become a Recruiter”, my team and I at Goldbeck Recruiting wanted to share the our answers:

Henry Goldbeck:
1.) What drew you to Recruiting?

“I was in a sales position for a corporate training organisation and one of my clients was a large recruiting firm in Vancouver.  They call me one day … Read More »