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Main Avenues for Foreign Workers Moving to the U.S.

Posted on May 30th, by Henry Goldbeck in Company News, In The Media. Comments Off on Main Avenues for Foreign Workers Moving to the U.S.

Henry Goldbeck, President of global recruitment firm, Goldbeck Recruiting, speaks with Rick Hepp, Labor and Employment Attorney at Benesch Law, regarding foreign employees’ visa applications and challenges.

Henry: If a Canadian citizen want to get a job in the U.S., what do they have to do and how difficult is it?

Rick: The first thing that I … Read More »

Visa Opportunities for Foreign Entrepreneurs

Posted on October 9th, by Henry Goldbeck in HR Management, Job Search, Leadership, Recruitment. 1 Comment

Years ago, on my first day in the Commerce faculty at the University of British Columbia, the Professor asked the class, “What is the Canadian definition of an Entrepreneur?”  Students came up with different definitions; however, the Professor said, “No, you’re all wrong!  The Canadian definition of an Entrepreneur is the first man in line … Read More »